Edmonds Levy Forum available for viewing Wednesday, Thursday


Monday night’s My Edmonds News-sponsored forum highlighting the three Edmonds property tax levies on the November general election ballot is scheduled to air on local Comcast channel 21 and Verizon channel 39 later this week (likely by Thursday). But we are also receiving a DVD of the event that will be available separately for viewing via My Edmonds News, probably Wednesday.

In addition, we will be posting documents that have been supplied as background information, including slides from Darrol Haug’s pro-Proposition 2 (street overlays) presentation and a letter from a citizen who attended the event, outlining his opposition to Proposition 2.




3 Replies to “Edmonds Levy Forum available for viewing Wednesday, Thursday”

  1. Good Job Darrol, citizens should thank you for all your volunteering efforts and being a citizen voice when discussing numbers.


  2. Thanks Diane, Instead of thanks I get a lot of “shoot the messinger” comments. Just trying to get to the bottom of things and try and let people know what the facts are. I was please that you, Strom and Steve participated in the discussion to help people understand what choices they have. In the final analysis, these levies give the people a new voice in determining how and if they will spend money on specific things.

    I was totally disappointed that the “Con” team for the levies did not show up for the meeting. I think that is a disservice to the public who came to hear the pros and cons for each of the levies to help them sort out their vote. Because I worked on the voters pamphlet I have advanced copies of the con positions. I would have enjoyed the discussion of pros and cons.

    For fun when the forum gets more details posted I may just write a post that is both pro and con for each. That might be fun. Then which messinger will people shoot, the pro or the con????


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