Letter to the editor: The reasons we’re supporting Joan Bloom

To the editor:

We support Joan Bloom for a number of reasons.  Just some of them:

Joan is NOT political. She has Edmonds’ interest at heart–not her own.

Joan is an open book and is not devious–a welcome change.

Joan is honest and forthright–we can use more of those traits.

Joan does NOT court special interest groups–another welcome change.

Dorothy and Phil Sacks

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  1. Political is defined as having a definite policy or system of government. It concerns me when you say that Ms. Bloom is not political. I would hope that a person running for a political office would have a defined policy that she would want to move forward — an agenda.

    I cannot speak to whether Ms. Bloom is devious or honest. I don’t know her well enough so I will give her the benefit of the doubt. However, I disagree with the statement that “Joan does not Court special interest groups…” That statement is absolutely FALSE. We know that Ms. Bloom has been endorsed by special interest groups: Sierra Club and the 32nd District Democrats. Endorsements are given by groups like the Sierra Club or the 32nd District Democrats only when candidates “court” them.

    In short, the Sacks have endorsed Ms. Boom because Ms. Bloom does not have a vision and courts only those special interest groups they support?


  2. Political has many meanings. Some aspects of politcsl are essential to success. When Mike Cooper abandoned his County Council seat, DJ immediately tried to get himself appointed to that seat. To me, it shows that DJ has been putting too much focus outside of Edmonds, and too little focus here. I have seen no signs that Joan Bloom has political aspirations beyond Edmonds. I trust her to stay focused on Edmonds for the duration of her term.

    Like Joan Bloom, I voted for DJ Wilson in the hopes that his knowledge of Political Science would allow him to effectively advance his agenda. But the economy has now changed and he’s burned so many bridges in City Council it appears they are all fearful of aligning with him, and he just doesn’t seem to understand the need to hold back spending. I don’t think he can ever be effective here again.


  3. I don’t know the woman, but I listened closely to her at one of the candidate forums. She said that things like the flower show and the Saturday Market will work to fill all of the empty retail in downtown. These are great events for aesthetics of the community, but they have been going on for years…and where is the economic transfer to the existing empty retail spaces? Rather than call her “refreshing”, “naive” is probably more appropriate. And on the 32nd Dist Demo endorsement, I noticed Cooper did the same thing (Sno. Demo. party)in the voters pamphlet. How does this square with nonpartisan races?


  4. I don’t often agree with Priya, but regarding special interests groups I certainly do agree with her comments. Some people never see themselves, or those they support, as pursuing special interests; it’s only those other peoples’ activities.

    And Joe, you couldn’t be more wrong when you write off DJ. By not being more engaged in the community you are unable to accurately assess DJ’s contributions. You haven’t been at levy review committee meetings (the 2009 committee); you haven’t attended any Economic Development Committee meetings; you haven’t attended any RFA Study Group meetings. And you didn’t witness his leadership first-hand like I did during my two years on city council with him.

    DJ needs to be re-elected, as this city needs him leading city council as its president in 2012.


  5. Ms. Bloom,

    If you do not “Court” special Interest groups, as the writer indicates, why did you seek endorsements from the Sierra Club and the Democrats? Was the writer simply misinformed or do you not consider these two groups special interest groups?


  6. Ron W, you make a good point about DJ’s many accomplishments. He deserves to be congratulated for those. Perhaps you can enlighten me about what he’s done in the 14 months since he lost the bid for a seat on the County Council. I think his performance since then is probably a better indicator of what we can expect if he is reelected.

    And please, let’s stay focused on DJ and Joan, and not what meetings I’ve attended.


  7. In the last 14 months he’s continued his pursuit of the clean up of Lake Ballinger, as well as his participation on the RFA committee. No doubt there are additional activities.

    A question: Does Joan Bloom really have the time to do the many things that council members are expected to do in addition to attending four council meetings each month? Perhaps she does; that’s a real question.I just do not want to see another person on council who treats the position like a hobby – something they do when they have nothing better to do.


  8. It’s good to know about what DJ has been working on – it’s easy to forgot about all the things councilmembers sometimes do. I was wondering if he’s had any success with issues before the City Council in the last 14 months. That’s the heart of my concern.


  9. Several thoughts in response to several different bloggers:

    1. Priya — Joan Bloom did NOT COURT the Sierra Club. When we were seeking candidates to endorse, based on their contributions to good stewardship of the environment and their integrity, we INVITED Joan to seek our endorsement. A similar situation occurred in the 32nd Legislative District. Joan was reluctant to have anything to do with a political party, but we persuaded her that she best represented our values to protect people and the plant. She was not politically connected with us, but was endorsed for her past record and future promise as a smart, dedicated citizen.

    2. About DJ — When I received the last large, tri-fold, snazzy flyer from DJ, it represented to me what his candidacy means to me. Misrepresentations: He states that there is “only one thing” that the various groups have in common and that is “DJ.” What? In dividing the groups against each other — “labor vs. business, Dems vs. Republicons, enviros vs. builders,” DJ is showing how he thinks. Labor and business have MUCH in common. Without labor, there is no business. D’s and R’s have some common interests, as well: safety, reduced crime, high quality education, good health, and fiscal responsibility. And the push for “Green Buildings, Green Infrastructure, Green communities” has come from the environmental community with great benefits for builders who practice smart, energy-efficient, non-toxic, environmentally responsible building. What comes to mind when I read this latest piece of propaganda is what a Democrat Party spokesman said recently about Romney. I will put it into a question: “Does he have a core?”

    3. Finally, I have noticed that Joan Bloom’s hand-made signs (only 52 of them, total) have disappeared from places where I have either placed or straightened them recently: the SW corner of 100th and 220th Streets, the SW corner of Harbor Square where a new DJ sign appeared yesterday or the day before. This competition on signs is sickening. It breeds wrong-doing. I would love to know who the thieves are who are committing these illegal acts. I would love to put those scofflaws behind bars!

    Disclaimer: My opinions are mine and mine alone. I do not speak for the Bloom campaign. I hope that my comments will not harm her or her chances for election. We need her on the City Council.


  10. Please change “Democrat Party” to “Democratic Party.” I was typing much too fast!

    (I’d love to have an extra step for “edit” before sending; other blog sites do that and it reduces “typo’s.”)

    Thank you for the opportunity to engage in debate on this forum.


  11. BTW, let me clarify that I don’t think it is wrong for a candidate to get endorsements and support from folks who think like them. I want a candidate in office who will push forth my agenda. However, I do think it is problematic when a candidate says they do not represent special interests when they do. When they have agenda. Be honest about it! This letter is deceptive and misleading.


  12. Two other important points:

    1. Re: the words “politics” or “political” — The extreme right-wing has given politics a very negative interpretation. They separate people (“We, the People’) from their government. It’s a world view that sees people as “bosses” and “workers” or nobles and serfs. It puts the responsibility for governance solely upon the “electeds” and takes it away from the governed. It is a federalist POV. I would like to support the notion of politics as an honorable activity — one in which “We, the People” follow what our electeds do, what legislation is being proposed, and what we should do to support our government. The word originates from the root, “polis.” It means “citizen.” Therefore, although Joan Bloom claims not to be a politician, but a steward, I see these as being inseparable.

    2. Regarding “interest groups,” I am proud to say that the organizations for whom I work and that I support ARE interest groups. They represent interests that are extremely important to me. For example, the Sierra Club works hard to promote clean air; clean and abundant water for our forests, cities, people, and other animals; and healthy ecosystems. The Sierra Club supports climate protection through our “Resilient Habitats,” “Beyond Coal,” and other vital programs. The Democratic Party (although some of our “electeds” who are humans with very diverse points of view and backgrounds do often disappoint us) is interested in building a strong democratic society. We support public education so that every child can be educated — not just those who can attend private schools (also a right for those who choose private schools; I’ve attended both) — while some Republican candidates want to gut public education and privatize it entirely. Similarly, the Democratic Party stands for “healthcare for all,” not just those (again) who can afford it. The exorbitant salaries paid to executives of healthcare companies, insurance companies, and some hospitals and clinics make privatized healthcare increasingly unaffordable and inaccessible. I could go on about the “interest groups” that I support. I consider myself a fiscally responsible person and have only Medicare for my health coverage — well, “Medicare and Harbor Square,” actually — as a principled decision because I cannot support the healthcare racket in this country. I welcome your responses.


  13. Mr. Echelbarger, here is the link to what Joan actually said:

    Maybe you need to listen even more closely to what Joan said. Better yet, why not get to know her since you say that you “don’t know the woman.”

    One has to wonder why developers and National Association of Realtors are pouring so many thousands of dollars into the local city council campaigns of DJ Wilson and Dave Earling? Why are they so afraid of having Joan and Diane and Lora on our city council? “What’s going on here?”


  14. Well, the link disappeared. I’ll try again. If it disappears again, just go to “www.

    Mr. Echelbarger, here is the link to what Joan actually said:


    Maybe you need to listen even more closely to what Joan said. Better yet, why not get to know her since you say that you “don’t know the woman”? You might be pleasantly surprised.

    One has to wonder why developers and National Association of Realtors are pouring so many thousands of dollars into the local City Council campaigns of DJ Wilson and Dave Earling? Why are they so afraid of having Joan and Diane and Lora on the council? “What’s going on here?” It’s pretty disturbing and VERY bad for democracy.


  15. If your tired of business as usual in the Edmonds City Council , Joan “of Arch” Bloom is your Vote!

    Join me and many many others who will be voting for CHANGE for the City of Edmonds on Election Day!


  16. Joan Bloom is my choice for City Council in this election. I hope that she wins. I am ready for a change. Are you?


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