Oct. 17 Edmonds Levy Forum now available for viewing


Monday night’s My Edmonds News-sponsored forum highlighting the three Edmonds property tax levies on the November general election ballot has been uploaded to You Tube and can be viewed above. It is also scheduled to air on local Comcast channel 21 and Verizon channel 39 later this week (likely starting Thursday).

In addition, we have posting documents that have been supplied as background information, including slides from Darrol Haug’s pro-Proposition 2 (street overlays) presentation here:

Top 10 list A

Top 10 list B

General Fund with Levy Charts

Edmonds Street Conditions

Oct. 17, 2011 Levy Presentation Power Point

October City Forecast

TBD Project Edmonds Street Conditions

And here is a letter from a citizen who attended the event, outlining his opposition to Proposition 2.

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  1. All – Diane Buckshnis pointed out last night that the very end of the video was cut off. I am working to reload it to a different video service and see if that helps. I will leave the YouTube version up for now and replace it with the other if that works.


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