Rumors fly but no Dick’s Drive-In opening today — ‘within next week or so,’ company says

The shiny new cooktops and fryers are ready for action. (Photos courtesy of Dick's Drive-In Restaurants)
A worker putting finishing touches on a window Friday.

Although rumors have been circulating that the new Dick’s Drive-In on Highway 99 at 220th Street Southwest in Edmonds will be opening today, Saturday, the company confirmed via its Facebook page last night that is not true.

“We’re so close, and hope to open within the next week or so…stay tuned for a party!” Dick’s said on Facebook, when posting photos of work being done on the restaurant interior Friday.  In response to a fan asking for confirmation Friday night that they were opening today, Dick’s said: “No opening tomorrow. We hope to open next week. We’ll keep you posted once we have a set date.”



6 Replies to “Rumors fly but no Dick’s Drive-In opening today — ‘within next week or so,’ company says”

  1. I was able to steal a glance at the new menu before it was snatched away from me. Here’s what I can remember:

    Cooper burger – Some of the toppings it used to come with are gone
    Earling burger – Used to be a town favorite, but nobody’s had one in a while
    Stern-Wilcox burger – You hear that it’s good, yet nobody has ever eaten one
    DJ Burger – You have to order this by itself because it doesn’t go with anything else
    Buckshnis burger – comes with full disclosure of its ingredients
    Bloom burger – Every one is handmade
    Bernheim burger – Available for a limited time
    Plunkett buger – Can’t be ordered with more than two patties
    Peterson burger – All cheese, no meat
    Yamamoto burger – might be good, but nobody talks about it
    Rutledge Burger – It’s always been on the menu but never gets ordered
    Petso Burger – It tastes best when eaten outdoors in a park


    1. I had an email exchange with the Dick’s marketing person Saturday morning and she said this: “We’re hopeful for next week but don’t have a set date until the final inspections are completed.
      We’ll let you know as SOON as we have a date.”


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