Cline Jewelers to welcome a sparkling visitor Friday, Saturday


International gem specialist and master cutter Jochen Benzel will make a guest appearance at Edmond’s Cline Jewelers Friday and Saturday, Nov. 11-12.

According to an announcement from Cline Jewelers, Benzel is a representative from Hans-Dieter Haag, of Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Idar-Oberstein has long been considered the gem center of Europe with a history dating back 500 years. “This rich heritage includes both the local mining of amethyst and agate, as well as the use of a unique hydro-power process for polishing and cutting the stones,” the jewelry store said. “In more moderns times, Idar-Oberstein also imports select gems from the vast mines of Brazil, making the region a gemstone trading center, in addition to being a haven for artists to develop new concepts and techniques in gem cutting, carving and cameo making.”

Benzel will be bringing a large selection of Idar-Oberstein gemstones that will be available for purchase, andwill also be on hand for individual consult.



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