Reminder: Coffee with Petso and Stern Thursday night, Buckshnis and Wilcox Friday


The next Coffee with Harry will be this Thursday, Nov. 3, at 7 p.m. at Chanterelle restaurant, 316 Main St. This will be the first evening coffee, set up in response to readers asking if we could schedule in the evening so more people can attend. Our guests will be Lora Petso and Darlene Stern, candidates for City Council Position 7.

This is not a debate, but rather an opportunity to meet the candidates one on one and ask them about issues and their views on the future of the city. Questions need to be issue-oriented and we will not talk about who contributed to whom, where yard signs come from or other divisive issues. Supporters of either candidate are welcome but bear in mind, the purpose is to allow citizens to be exposed to the candidates, not to be a rally of support.

The format will be the same as previous Coffees. Regular coffee is provided for free by Chanterelle; food and fancy coffee is on your own dime. Everyone is free to agree and or disagree with others at Coffee, but you need to be respectful and let each other make their own points.

There will be one more Coffee Friday morning at 10 a.m. featuring Diane Buckschnis and Bob Wilcox, candidates for Council Position 4. The coffees are designed to give you the opportunity to ask the candidates questions that are important to you. Please come and get first-hand knowledge before you vote.

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