DJ Wilson concedes to Joan Bloom; says he will continue work on ‘good government’ issues

DJ Wilson

Stating “it is clear I have lost my bid for re-election to the City Council,” Edmonds City Councilmember DJ Wilson said Friday that he wishes his opponent, citizen activist Joan Bloom, “all the best.”

In a statement posted on his “Citizens to Elect DJ Wilson” website, the Edmonds-based public affairs consultant — who was seeking his second term on the Council —  said he is looking forward to continuing his “Civic Engagement” television show via Edmonds Community College along with other “good government” projects,  as well as spending more time with his young children.

In the latest election results released from Snohomish County Thursday, Bloom held a 114-vote lead over Wilson, with few votes remaining to be counted.

“I want to thank DJ Wilson for his years of service to Edmonds,” said Bloom, who ran a low-budget campaign focused on government transparency and accountability. “My campaign committee, friends, family, supporters and, most of all, the Edmonds citizens who voted for me, have won. I hope those who did not vote for me will evenutally decide that they won too. Thanks for your faith in me. Yay Edmonds!”

Here’s the full statement that Wilson posted on his “Citizens to Elect DJ Wilson” website:

Now that the dust has settled on the 2011 election, it is clear I have lost my bid for re-election to the City Council.  As I have said during the campaign, I think highly of Ms. Bloom and believe she will be act conscientiously on behalf of the citizens of Edmonds.  I wish her and the new Council, along with Mayor-elect Earling, all the best.

Despite the rhetoric, I continue to believe that public service can be an honorable calling.  I also continue to believe that – particularly today – there are more and more opportunities to serve:  from jury duty to running a community blog, from helping at the food bank to volunteering in the classroom.  Our society rests upon the engagement of its citizens.

So, I will continue my work to improve the quality and respectfulness of our civic dialog and of good government.  That means continuing the “Civic Engagement” program at Edmonds Community College, now it its 7th year.  That means hosting TEDxEdmonds next spring, focused on civic literacy.  And, it means teaching next year at the Creative Retirement Institute.

Most importantly, now that I’ll be leaving the Council, I’ll have another 20-30 hours a week to spend with my family.  Maybe now my kids will stop playing “City Council” and start playing “house” or something else most 5 and 3 year olds get to do!

It has been an honor to serve in elected office these past 4 years.  It is a tough time in government – at any level – these days.  In a republican democracy like ours, we should all be rooting for our elected officials.  Their success will be ours, as will their failure.

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  1. D.J. I love you Brother.
    I want to thank you for getting the ball rolling to stop the flooding and to get Lake Ballinger on the Mend. You alone provided the grease that made that deal happen.
    This is going to serve you in the long run. We promise to keep Joan on her toes lol


  2. While I followed Edmonds politics from afar, I could tell that DJ is one of most transparent and accessible politicians I’ve ever seen. I sure wish his counterparts — in all cities — would follow that example.

    Mike Murphy, Editor
    Lynnwood Today


  3. DJ, You are a gentlman and a scholar! Thank you for being you. Your presence on the Edmonds City Council will be sorely missed. I am proud of my association with you during the campaign and look forward to continued visits with you and your beautiful family … whether it be at EdCC, CRI, or the Walnut! Stay in touch.
    Be well, be happy, have fun!
    Always your friend,


  4. Thank you for your service, DJ. Please remain involved; our community, political and non-political, needs you.


  5. D.J., I join the others in thanking you for your determined efforts to improve our City. I know from experience that you took the time to listen to the citizens and that you took action when you believed such was required. I hope you will stay very involved and I believe you will as you care deeply for the City of Edmonds.


  6. I can’t help wondering what affect the late night, week before election censure by your fellow council members had on the outcome of this loss.


  7. Fred: “I can’t help wondering what affect the late night, week before election censure by your fellow council members had on the outcome of this loss.”

    Let me help you with that. After ballot-acquisition closed, Joan was ahead by 72 votes out of over 8,000 ballots counted (in all Edmonds voting) — a bit more than half the final ballot total. Since that first count, Joan has increased her margin by just 44, and with 325 ballots left to count in the whole county, that will hardly change. As the censuring happened a mere week before election day, I think it’s fair to assume that the bulk of Joan’s margin came before the censuring.

    The underlying assertion is that there may not have been a level playing field, and that’s true. DJ spent eight times the money, had thirty times the signs, had a professional election-marketing staff at his disposal, was the incumbent with gobs of name-recognition, and had lots of campaign experience to Joan’s none. Suggesting that the playing field was tilted in Joan’s favor is like Goliath’s supporters complaining that David used a too-large slingshot.

    With those handicaps, how could Joan get the most votes? Perhaps it’s because everything people say about her is true: she is intelligent, educated, passionate, accomplished, hardworking (don’t fret, Ron W.), incapable of pretense, has zero interest in politics as a game, and loves Edmonds. Or, perhaps, it’s the unthinkable: she has well-considered opinions with which the majority of voters agreed


  8. @ Gary. You also forgot: she has respect for people, she does not call anyone names ( like “jerks”) , she is cool under fire as was proven at city council’s “Audience comments” in the previous administration. She has class, she is not pretentious and is an honorable person. I am proud to have supported her. Edmonds is lucky to have her on city council and with Diane Buckshnis and Lora Petso on board is facing a brighter future.


  9. Here we have a gracious concession, a few notes of thanks for past service to the outgoing councilman and from notes 9 to 11 it’s back to the attack. The election is over, it’s time to move on and put the bitterness to the rear. I think Joan will be a wonderful councilwoman, ran her campaign with dignity and was above the nasty rhetoric that was prevalent throughout this election season. There is no doubt she will serve in the same fashion. She has the respect of myself and my family and we all wish her the best.


  10. Thank you DJ for your four years of service. I wish you the best and I am thankful you will be able to spend more time with your family. I know your have larger political ambitions outside of Edmonds and I wish you the best.
    I think Joan will make a great City Council Member and I look forward to working with her. Thank you for conceding and providing your opinion.

    I am glad this elections season is over and want to thank all my supporters for truly looking at my record and my accomplishments. I hope that Mr. Wilcox will remain involved and most importantly that his supporter will contact me if they have issues as I do truly listen.

    Also, I want to really thank my concerned supporters and make the following comments….yard signs can’t vote so despite the fact that over 75% of my signs went missing (especially in private yards), I refused to buy more. Also, I am happy that the negative robo-calling didn’t sway anyone to change opinions as like Mr. Wilcox stated he had no control of his independent expenditures.

    My faith kept me moving forward day by day to doorbell despite the drama happening throughout this elections.

    I appreciate all my support and am honored to note that I received the most contributions from local Edmonds citizens than any other candidate and that is truly humbling to me.

    Thank you kindly for your support.


  11. Mr Wilcox disappoints me a tad, certainly not because he disagrees with Ms. Larman, but rather because he subtlety attempts to put her down and belittle her for expressing an opinion which apparently disagrees with himself.

    How does that “put the bitterness to the rear”???

    I, and obviously a majority of Edmonds voters agree with Betty’s support of Diane and Joan. We will most probably be well served by these two ladies.


  12. Ms. Buckshnis, some of us our hoping that your narrow victory causes you to make some personal changes. Realize that if 80 of the votes that went to you had gone to Mr. Wilcox, he would have been the victor. We’re not talking about much margin for an incumbent over a novice to the political field. Hopefully you will begin to understand that its admirable to “know what you don’t know”, to acknowledge mistakes, and that wise people don’t tell that to their audience.

    Ms. Bloom, I truly hope that you live up to the expectations of your supporters. But recognize that many of the votes that you received were in reality votes against DJ. – your low key campaign could not have gotten you the needed name recognition. The notoriety around his involvment in the Ms. Cole affair, prior to the censure, undoubtedly was fatal for DJ. Come January you’ll be in that position, so I wish you well.

    Ms. Petso, the electors very soundly have said they want no new taxes. So the city has got to relatively quickly find more revenue in order to maintain services. The ability to use a development agreement, not in the BD1 zone, could spur development. Small height increase requests summarily dismissed without considering the lost resulting revenue, is irresponsible. I believe that the message from the election for you is that you need to start listening to a broader audience, as your margin over Ms. Stern is even narrower than Ms. Buckshnis’ over Mr. Wilcox.


  13. I think iof dj would have stayed out of the miss cole situation the election might have been different. The same goes for the mayor bad time to fire somebody unless he figured he wasn;t going to win and wanted to get rid of the hr director, we will never know but at any rate if your running for election you have to watch what you do during the campaign, on the clock or off the clock, as far as Im concerned they both made some bad moves unless they did’nt care about being reelected, I wish everyone well I have a life to live and its farewell to Edmonds politics for me everybody have a good one.


  14. Mike, I hope you keep involved in the dog park as your volunteering efforts have been greatly appreciated.

    Two years ago, blogs were not common and now I think many of us agree while very informative they are also a double edge sword. Anyone can say anything and act as though they have the expert opinion when in fact there are always two sides to all stories.

    So please stay involved in the community.


  15. I find it very interesting that the very people who have used this blog to personally attack people are the one’s touting civilized behavior….just sayin…..


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