Edmonds’ Baicha Tea Room ready to open its doors Friday

    Ann and Joe Budharaksa will open their Baicha Tea Room on Friday -- 11/11/11.

    Story and photos by Lara Alexander

    Husband and wife Ann and Joe Budharaksa are itching to open the doors of the new Baicha Tea Room in downtown Edmonds. Although they were ready last week, their inspection indicated that they needed to first outline a plan for a parking curb outside. No problem say the owners, they will draw up plans right away and be ready for their grand opening on the lucky 11th day of the 11th month of 2011.

    Rows of tea canisters ready for customers. The shop will offer more than 80 varieties.

    For now, dozens of gleaming mental canisters line the shelves behind the register, all filled with different varieties of tea. Beside the register sits the glass display case, ready for salads, sandwiches, cupcakes and other breakfast and lunch foods. Daily hot soups will also be on the menu. On the counter, glass containers hold miniature muffins and cookies, baked by Ann herself.

    Comfortable seating for a cozy cup of tea.

    The main floor of the tea room offers counter seating as well as tables and chairs in front of the large front windows. A staircase leads to the downstairs sitting area, which houses numerous niches for tea drinkers and their families to sit together on couches and upholstered chairs. “We are a kid-friendly place,” say the owners, who themselves are parents to two young children. “We will also have warm cocoa in kid-sized tea pots for moms who want to keep the kids busy while enjoying their tea.”

    Downstairs sitting area.

    Customers will be able to choose from almost 80 varieties of tea, by the cup or by the pot. A cup of tea is $2 to $3 and a pot is $4 to $6. Ann hopes that Edmonds residents will find the tea room to be a warm and comfortable place, offering an atmosphere as cozy as home. On the day that I was there to look around, a smiling couple knocked hopefully at the door, hoping to warm up with a cup of tea on their morning walk. Soon enough, Ann and Joe are hoping to be warming up all of Edmonds with steaming pots of tea. They will be open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

    Baicha Tea Room
    622 5th Ave. S.

    5 Replies to “Edmonds’ Baicha Tea Room ready to open its doors Friday”

    1. It sounds lovely… How should we be pronouncing the name and what does it mean? I was just thinking it would be fun to have a place to go to “high” tea in Edmonds for special occasions or with special guests. I know the places in Victoria which serve high tea are booked and busy!
      Just a suggestion – maybe they could offer it once a week or once a month!
      Good Luck! I’m sure we’ll be by to sample and enjoy your serene spot!


    2. I’ve been driving by every day watching it unfold. What a lovely venue and such a cozy atmostphere. I’m pleased to have another option for lunch within walking distance of my business Salon 512. Friday can’t come soon enough. Welcome to Edmonds!


    3. Welcome to the neighborhood. I’m out of town Friday. I WILL come by to visit as soon as I get back into town.

      I swung by on my walk the other day. The place looks lovely. Entered your location into Foursquare too so that others can find you.

      Again, welcome.


    4. I believe Baicha is Chinese for “white tea.” I’m certainly excited to see the large variety of teas offered and the wonderful settings to drink them in. I’m hoping gongfu cha opportunities will be provided so we can enjoy those teas infused in a gaiwan or yixing pot!


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