Edmonds City Council to meet a day early — Monday, not Tuesday


Since Tuesday is Election Day, the Edmonds City Council will meet a day earlier than usual — on Monday, rather than Tuesday.

The council will meet in executive session starting at 5:15 p.m. regarding potential litigation. The council may take action as a result of the executive session meeting, according to the agenda sent by the city Friday.

At 5:45 p.m., the City Council will hold a reception in the Council Chambers for Jim Tarte, who has served as the city’s financial consultant while the city conducted a search for a permanent finance director.  At 6 p.m., the City Council will meet separately as committees in different meeting rooms in the Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N., with agendas as indicated below:

Community Services/Development Services Committee
Council Chambers
A. Discussion on a potential amendment to the Comprehensive Plan map that would adjust the boundaries of the Medical/Highway 99 Activity Center to remove existing single family-designated area from the Activity Center. (30 Min.)
B. Marina Beach BNSF Land Lease. (5 Min.)
C. Authorization for the Mayor to sign the Emergency Intertie Agreement
between Seattle Public Utilities and City of Edmonds. (5 Min.)
D. Authorization for Mayor to sign Addendum No. 1 to Professional Services Agreement for the Sewer Rehabilitation Project with CHS Engineers. (5 Min.)
E. Authorization to approve a sewer and storm easement for installation of a sewer main for the 2012 Sewerline Replacement Project. (5 Min.)
F. Authorization to approve an easement for installation of watermain for the 2012 Waterline Replacement Project. (5 Min.)
G. Authorization for Mayor to sign a Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix for design services with respect to the Main Street Decorative Lighting and Sidewalk Enhancements Project. (5 Min.)
H. Discussion regarding city polystyrene ban. (15 Min.)
I. Public Comments (10 Min.) (3-minute limit person)

Finance Committee
Jury Meeting Room
A. Authorization for the Mayor to sign Amendment No. 1 to the Facilities Lease between the City of Edmonds and Clearwire LLC. (5 Min.)
B. Presentation of study to update the City’s General Facilities Charges for utilities by City staff and the FCS Group. (5 Min.)
C. General Fund Update – September 2011 (10 Min.)
D. 3rd Quarter Budget Report 2011. (30 Min.)
E. Public Facilities District bond payment. (10 Min.)
F. Reserve Policy. (15 Min.)
G. Investment Policy. (15 Min.)
H. Change Animal Benefit Fund to an Annual Appropriation. (10 Min.)
I. Eliminate Council Contingency Amount in the General Fund. (10 Min.)
J. Final 2011 Budget Amendment. (15 Min.)
K. Update on financial policies and reporting. (10 Min.)
L. 2012 Contract for Edmonds City Council Sr. Executive Assistant. (5 Min.)
M. Authorization to contract with James G. Murphy to sell surplus city vehicles. (5 Min.)
N. Public Comments (10 Min.) (3-minute limit per person)

Public Safety and Human Resources Committee
Police Training Room
A. Interlocal Agreement for Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT). (10 Min.)
B. Renew towing contracts. (10 Min.)
C. 2012 Hourly Positions by Pay Grade/Title and 2012 Hourly Employee Wage Schedule. (15 Min.)
D. Non-Represented Employee compensation ordinance. (15 Min.)

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