Edmonds Planning Board takes on solar power


By Neil Tibbott
Edmonds Planning Board Member

The Planning Board at its most recent meeting Nov. 9 considered a new city code to allow for solar energy equipment to extend beyond current City of Edmonds height limits.

At the City Council’s request, the Board reviewed a code provision that would allow building owners to exceed height limits by 36 inches in order to install new or retrofitted solar equipment. Some concern was expressed about the appearance of solar power- generating equipment, especially in residential areas. The discussion concluded with the Board directing city staff to include a staff review process for any solar installation that would exceed current building heights.

The Planning Board also continued its discussion of the “Shoreline Master Program.” The beach, marsh, Lake Ballinger and related wetlands are part of Edmonds “shoreline.” Board members requested more information about the science of water runoff and pollution as it relates to future development of the Edmonds waterfront.  One Board member remarked, “If we’re going to err on one side or another, we’re going to favor a conservative approach when it comes to preserving the waterfront.”

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