Letter to editor: Edmonds paraeducators also deserve our thanks


During the past American Education Week we should also pay tribute to the fine unheralded group of paraeducators in the Edmonds School District. They assist teachers in the classroom helping students learn, supervise playgrounds during recess and perform crossing guard duty in all types of weather and dangerous road conditions all to help keep the kids safe. I have heard tales of almost being run over, ignoring the signs, and other motorist issues. They also perform a variety of other tasks for teachers and school.

Yes, my wife is a dedicated 23-year paraeducator and I am proud of the positive influence she also provides upon the lives of the students she has known and continues to work with over the years. The stories of kids are too numerous to print but she always mentions those students that have returned to visit or those we talk with when out for dinner and the kids she points out when driving that she knows either present or past.

Paraeducators are a great asset to the district, teachers and schools alike for their professional dedication to helping students in a variety of ways on a daily basis.

Mike Murdock

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  1. You are so-o right. Theirs is often a thankless job. The tasks they undertake are vital to classroom teachers. The way they fit in and assist teachers is often overlooked because they do it with such grace. The days they are not there is when teachers realize their impact and feel their importance.

    I remember the ‘good old days’ when we did our own recess duty. Since the paras arrival, teachers see the snowy or windy days and breathe a sigh of relief; someone else is out with the kids while they are inside and able to do that one more task before the kids return. Thanks, para educators! Who else spends time in the wild weather then steps into classrooms to help students without breaking stride?


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