Letter: Private colleges helping veterans achieve the American Dream

Dear Editor,

The recent op-ed by Michael Schindler does not fairly detail the role of private-sector colleges and universities in the lives of America’s veterans.

As our men and women in uniform return home to civilian life, many are looking to obtain new skills to compete for jobs in a difficult economy. Many have families and full-time jobs and require flexible academic schedules so they can prepare for the future, while attending to the present. And with over 12 percent unemployment among post-9/11 veterans, the enhanced education provided at private-sector colleges will make the difference as they seek better jobs.

What is more, private sector schools have now surpassed public and non-profit sectors of higher education in terms of disclosure of completion and job placement rates. Now more than ever, veterans have the information necessary to make a sensible decision on where to pursue their post-secondary training.

In an effort to seek the best for our nation’s heroes, Schindler and some in Congress must take care not to erect barriers to education that will obstruct those who have done more than anyone else to enjoy the American Dream.

A.R. Sullivan
Chancellor, The Sullivan University System


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