Letter to the Editor: an embarrassing moment for an embarrassing Council


I stayed at Tuesday’s City Council meeting for the duration of the night.

At 11 p.m., when most of the room was empty, I witnessed the most embarrassing thing an embarrassing Council could have done.  They introduced a motion of censure  that wasn’t on the agenda, and for which no public notice was given.

Seemingly they planned it that way.

Councilman DJ Wilson explained that he had to hire his own attorney to force the Council to bring this before the public. The Council however, preferred hiding in executive session.

Amazing hubris.

Three years out it is acknowledged the city will no longer be able to maintain services we expect.  What about 10 years?  Get to work!  Stop with this hysteria!  Get to work! 

The only reason for your actions is to try to influence an election.  And you are committing multiple crimes to do it.  No shame.

Michael Mestres

2 Replies to “Letter to the Editor: an embarrassing moment for an embarrassing Council”

  1. If ever “throw the bums out” is an appropriate action, this is one of those times. Hopefully 3 will be gone next week, and then we’ll have to wait two more years to finish the clean up.


  2. DJ was informed of the charges on Saturday. He was not in the performance of his duties as a Councilman and he acted secretly and still voted on the issue at council. You will hear DJ refuse to say what was wrong with the charges at least twice. He his chance to respond and refused to do so.


    But don’t take my word for it and certainly not Ron’s either.

    Instead watch the channel 21 TV tape of the meeting from 2 to 3PM or 9to 10PM.
    Get the straight facts!!!


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