Letter to the editor: Those who support the arts, support Dave Earling


I am writing in support of Dave Earling for Mayor of Edmonds, and specifically after a recent political mailer from Mike Cooper that referenced the Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA).

I do not speak for or on behalf of the ECA or Public Facilities District, but can personally attest the ECA is a genuine asset to our community. The ECA has generated more than $15M for local businesses and serves as a dynamic economic driver for the City, while presenting quality arts presentations including many from a number of beloved local arts organizations.

Since it opened five years ago, hundreds of volunteers have worked tirelessly to make the ECA the kind of asset that is fiscally strong, has seen steady increases in fundraising revenue, and most recently garnered a $1,000,000 donation late this summer. We are lucky to have ECA and the devotion of so many Edmonds’ citizens to help to make it successful.

Dave Earling is a supporter of the Edmonds Center for the Arts and like many members of our community who support the arts too, I’m proud to be supporting him for Mayor.

Maria A. Montalvo

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  1. It is interesting to see in an other publication today that Council Member Bernheim is blasting the National Association of Realtors for meddling in Edmonds politics by spending money on behalf of Dave Earling. Mr. Bernheim speculates that they are attempting to buy influence for their causes. It’s puzzling to me what Mr. Bernheim believes a mayor can do to further the interests of realtors. Ordinances controlling land use and everything else are determined by the city council.


  2. I do not understand how even one of the 1st 3 comments relates to the topic. If I am missing something, will one of the writers please fill me in? Thanks


  3. Hi Chris. RW mentioned Real Estate meddling issue in 1. I simply asked about Plunkett’s Real Estate involvement. If Plunkett decides to run again we may see a replay of this type of money flowing into the election. Plunkett actually has a vote to make changes to codes. The mayor is on the admin side of government. Just trying to gather a fact or two.

    But to the point of Arts and Earling. Dave was one of the best band directors to grace our area. Although putting out fires is pretty important right now we will get to a point soon that we need to have leadership capable of leading the band and all of its parts to make some better music for Edmonds. Dave knows how to do that.


  4. Land use and building codes haven’t changed in a while but are constantly being interpreted by staff in order to apply to varying requests by owners & builders. It’s how it should be since codes can’t cover every circumstance. I’m not trying to be contentious when I say that such interpretations can be subjective. It really matters what the city staff culture is, methinks.


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