Wilcox says he won’t concede yet, but would take ‘act of God’ to win

Bob Wilcox

Retired Edmonds business owner Bob Wilcox said Friday night that he wanted to wait a day or two before conceding his City Council race to incumbent Diane Buckshnis, but admits that it’s improbable that he can win the seat from the retired banker who had been appointed to the seat in January 2010.

Wilcox, who ran on a campaign of bringing his long-time experience as the owner of Wilcox Construction to the Council, is trailing Buckshnis by 153 votes in the latest count.

“It would take an act of God to win,” he said.

His race is one of three closely contested City Council contests that have been too close to call since Election Day, although first-term Councilmember DJ Wilson did concede his race to challenger Joan Bloom Friday.

Asked if he would run again, Wilcox said: “Never say never, but I would say it’s unlikely.”


4 Replies to “Wilcox says he won’t concede yet, but would take ‘act of God’ to win”

  1. When an incumbent loses, an early concession is valuable because it helps the challenger begin the transition process. For example, Mayor Cooper’s concession allowed Dave Earling to get started with his new job.

    I don’t think it matters much to Diane Buckshnis whether or when Bob Wilcox concedes, because no transition is needed.


  2. Also, there is a reason for Bob Wilcox to hold on. The last ballots to come in are always the overseas military ballots. Bob’s military background might cause these votes to be overwhelmingly in his favor.


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