Edmonds City Council to discuss Five Corners roundabout, height exception for solar projects


It will be a busy first meeting for new Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling as the Edmonds City Council is scheduled to address a wide range of issues Tuesday night. Among the agenda items:

– Adoption of ordinances related to the refinancing of general obligation and revenue bonds.
– A public hearing on a potential amendment to the Comprehensive Plan Map that would adjust the boundaries of the Medical/Highway 99 Activity Center.
– A public hearing on a proposal to grant exceptions from city code building height limits for certain solar energy installations and replacement of existing rooftop equipment with energy-efficient upgrades.
– Discussion on five projects related to the Capital Facilities Plan Element update (2012-2017) to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Capital Improvement Program: Five Corners Roundabout, 9th Avenue transportation improvements, Traffic Calming Program, 4th Avenue Cultural Corridor and Public Market.
– Further discussion about elements to be included in the Non-Represented Salary and Benefits Study
– Extension of sunset date for Citizens Economic Development Commission.
The council will convene at 6:30 p.m. and then meet in executive session to discuss labor negotiations, followed by the regular council meeting at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N. You can view the complete agenda here.

3 Replies to “Edmonds City Council to discuss Five Corners roundabout, height exception for solar projects”

  1. I grew up in Edmonds & dealt with traffic flow at Five Corners for years. I’ve dealt with many roundabouts driving in the UK, and I think a roundabout there is a great idea, but most roundabouts I’ve seen in the US are poorly designed and built. If it’s done, it needs to designed & built correctly. Maybe Edmonds should add a UK sister city, and ask for assistance on the project


  2. I have written on several occasions about the poor judgement being shown by our city in spending what I understand is over $1million to build a roundabout at 5 corners. I was told by the mayor’s office that the project would reduce traffic waiting times–and wondered why I would worry about the cost as most would be paid by a federal grant. Well, I’ve gone thru this intersection twice a day for nearly 3 decades, and wait time is rarely a problem. And since I pay local, state and federal taxes, I do worry about unwise spending–especially during tough economic times. I don’t care where the tax revenue is coming from–we should not be spending money on projects that just aren’t necessary–period. No wonder voters don’t trust government and are unwilling to approve new taxes–if that’s how we allocate current funds.

    We need to prioritize wisely–and I’m confident the citizens of Edmonds would like to see their money used better. Fixing existing roads–and paying cops and firemen to keep our town safe seem like better ideas than unneeded roundabouts and 800 square ft parks (like the $250,000+ “park” at old Mill Town).

    We need some serious leadership committed to wisely using our money!!!!!


  3. I live near Five Corners and pass through that intersection at least twice a day. Why spend anyone’s money on something that does not need to be fixed? My experience is that most drivers are courteous and the wait time is short. I would like to see statistics of accidents at Five Corners. I’ve lived in the area nearly ten years and have never seen evidence of a collision there.


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