Edmonds launches strategic planning and visioning surveys


The consultant team hired to oversee the City of Edmonds strategic planning process is conducting a series of interviews and surveys to obtain the opinions of business owners, employees, retail customers, young adults, and the general public. These surveys will provide opportunities for the public to contribute ideas and share their priorities, thus helping influence the city’s future accordingly.

The following online surveys are available from the city website link:
– Adult resident surveys at large – will be conducted onlline from the city website link.
– Young adult surveys – will be advertised in the schools, Edmonds Community College, and conducted online from the city website link.
– Employee surveys – will be distributed to businesses during their business license renewals in mid-December and will be conducted online from a City website link.

The following mail-back surveys will be distributed during the month of December:
– Business owner surveys – will be mailed to and mailed back by the owners listed on Edmonds business licenses during their renewal notice in mid-December.
– Retail customer surveys – will be distributed to customers and participants from retail stores located in the Waterfront, Downtown, Five Corners, Westgate, Firdale, Perrinville and Highway 99 Corridor during the months of December and January.

Those participating in the general public, business owner, employee, customer and young adult surveys will be eligible for raffle drawings for gift certificates provided by the consultant.

The Edmonds City Council will use the survey results to help develop ideas and alternatives during public workshops in 2012. The results of the workshops will be previewed for public comment and evaluation during a round of public open houses early next year.

Eventually all Strategic Plan alternatives, implementation program particulars and other proposals will be tested by a phone/online survey of a random sample of registered city voter households in the spring 2012. The registered voter household survey results will be considered by the City Council as it discusses what to include within a Strategic Plan during public hearings. City Council discussions will also include an implementation program.

The surveys, workshops and other public events are important features of the Strategic Plan process. Consequently, the City Council encourages the broadest possible participation by all groups in this process so that the resulting plan is effective and truly representative of the interests and desires of Edmonds citizens.

Questions should be directed to Stephen Clifton, Community Services and Edmonds Economic Development Director, at 425-771-0251.

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