Edmonds Solar Cooperative reaches goal to fund second phase of rooftop project

Solar panels installed on the Frances Anderson roof.

The Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative announced via Facebook Friday that it has reached its goal of selling $30,000 worth of shares in its rooftop solar effort by the end of 2011. As a result, the cooperative has qualified for $180,000 in federal incentives for Community Solar, enabling the installation of a larger 60-kilowatt system on the Frances Anderson Center roof before summer 2012.

The Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative was formed under a partnership between Sustainable Edmonds, a volunteer civic group, and solar project developer Tangerine Power. On Dec. 9, Sustainable Edmonds board member Carlo Volli took to the roof of the downtown Edmonds Fabric of Life store — located just a few blocks west of the Frances Anderson Center — for a weekend to raise awareness of the project and encourage solar energy supporters to buy shares, known as SunSlices, in the cooperative.

The Edmonds cooperative is the first citizen-owned community solar cooperative in Washington state. In August, the cooperative installed its first system — 4.2 kilowatts — funded through investments from 37 co-owners/members. It’s estimated the system will produce 60,000 kilowatt hours annually – a significant share of the Frances Anderson Center’s electrical use. The city is leasing roof space to the solar cooperative and will buy electricity from the project at discounted rates until 2020.

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  1. Good write up Teresa, thanks, though one fact is in error. If we were to build the entire area of roof that we have lease for, we could produce 75,000 kWh/year. Our 4.2 kW existing system will make about 4,200 kWh/year and the 60 kW we are working toward installing this spring will make about 60,000 kWh/year.
    We sent our first invoice to the City for the 4th quarter power and the production is what we expected. The good months are coming up and we plan to raise the money this winter and install the phase 2 system this spring. Plenty of SunSlices left. Join us.
    The best way to join is to mail a check for $1,000 per SunSlice made out to: Edmonds Community Solar Co-op (plus $25 one time co-op member fee) to me at: 19420 84th Av. W. Edmonds, WA 98026 or you can go online to http://www.tangerinepower.com/edmonds and use paypal but it costs the Co-op a $30 transaction fee for each Sunslice that way.
    I, and our 45 other members, (including PCC, the Edmonds Unitarian Church and Strom Peterson (chair of the Edmonds City Council)) look fwd to welcoming you into our solar cooperative.
    Best energy,
    Chris Herman, interim President, Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative
    p.s. I hope this isn’t too much of a sales pitch


  2. Federal Money for Solar is $180,000 and Federal Money for the Round About is $400,000+. For those who questioned the use of Fed $ for the Round About are you equally questioning the use of Fed $ for Solar? Fed $ all come from the same place, our taxes.


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