Five important reasons to Shop Edmonds for the Holidays — and every day

Yes, Edmonds has cupcakes (located inside Nama's Candy).

By Maggie Fimia

Last Saturday, Nov. 26, was the second annual “Small Business Saturday, a day for dedicating a portion of holiday shopping to local, independently owned small businesses.”

I think every day should be “small business day.” While Edmonds is a pretty magical place, our businesses run on real customers making real purchases.

Yes, we live in a beautiful place, but what makes Edmonds livable are the different businesses and numerous community organizations. How cool is it that I can get my hair cut, cash a check, see my insurance agent, drop off my car for maintenance, get my groceries, pick up the wine, cheese, chocolates, flowers and cupcakes and special decorations for tomorrow’s party, and take in a movie – all with out getting in my car?

Where else can you enjoy music, theater, travel workshops, fireworks, sports events, a library, numerous community classes, historic buildings, gorgeous street gardens, parades, art shows and classic cars, all within five blocks!

These are just partial lists of all that’s available within the downtown area. Draw the circle a little larger and you will find almost any service or product you need from custom framing and unique gifts to that special engagement ring or financial plan to help pay for it!

Whether they are for-profit businesses or non-profit organizations, they cannot survive without us. But don’t we want to see them thrive, not just survive? If they are growing, they can hire more people, pay more local taxes and encourage others to fill empty storefronts with businesses that can provide an even greater range of services and products.

Here are five good reasons to frequent our own small businesses frequently:

  1. If we don’t, they will close and new ones will not magically open.
  1. We save money because businesses will collect and pay more taxes – putting less burden on property owners.
  1. Their prices are very competitive, especially when you add in the cost of gas.
  1. Businesses support so many community events like the Third Thursday Art Walk, Taste of Edmonds, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Halloween party, The Classic Car Show, and many more.
  1. It creates a greater sense of community, pride in community and reduction of crime. The more people out and about talking with each other, shopping and monitoring the streets the more we connect and the less attractive it is to those with criminal intent.

If you bought a half-gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs and a box of Cheerios – all the same brand – it would cost you $16.35 at Petosas, $15.41 at QFC, $18.55 at PCC and $14 at Fred Meyer. Much of that savings, if you live near downtown Edmonds, is eliminated by a round trip up the hill. A round trip costs an average of 60 cents, just in gas, to get to QFC and PCC and $1.40 to Fred Meyer.So this holiday season, and every day, think Edmonds first when you need that special gift, supplies for a party, ingredients for dinner or just need to do a little retail therapy.

Maggie Fimia lives in Edmonds. Go here to see her list of “Everything Edmonds” gift basket suggestions.


Give an “Everything Edmonds” basket as gifts for Christmas, Hanakah, Birthdays or Anniversaries.

It’s fun to pick a theme that matches the person you’re buying for.


Movie Buff Basket:  Pop up to Petosas for their best popcorn and candy; Bop over to the Bookstore for a book on films or biographies of actors; Mosey over to the Movie Theater for some gift certificates!


Basket of Goodies: That’s easy!  We have a wine shop, with lots of fun accessories; a Cheese shop where you can buy outrageous goodies to go with the cheese; Two great tea shops in town, a bakery, candy store – with cupcakes and numerous coffee shops and of course, Petosas’ with aisles of food full of delicious specialties.


Celebrating Nature Basket:  Start at the “Just Frogs Toads Too! Foundation on the waterfront – they sell wonderful toys and stuffed animals with an amphibian theme;  trek over to the Toy store for books, games and activities about nature and science. Finish at the Card shop where you can find a fun photo album where photos of nature can be preserved and shared.


Bakers Basket: Browse the “Bountiful Home” gift shop on 4th in Edmonds for baking supplies and wonderful aprons; “The Wooden Spoon” on 5th has just about every gadget, baking dish, cookbooks and supplies you’ll need.


These are just a few of the many possible gift basket themes available to us here in Edmonds.


Edmonds even has a perfect place to buy your basket – The “Fabric of Life” on Main!

8 Replies to “Five important reasons to Shop Edmonds for the Holidays — and every day”

  1. I strongly support shopping downtown Edmonds, but I observed something rather negative toward encouraging this today. While socializing with friends at the Red Twig, we observed Edmonds motorcycle finest writing out 5 tickets in the span of 90 minutes right in front of us on 5th. What were these people possibly doing? A California stop perhaps? Why do I never see a policeman enforcing all the left turn running of red lights at Edmonds Way and 9th?


  2. I agree with Maggie and I also try to buy in Edmonds. I would like to point out that the Westgate QFC and PCC–as well as the new Goodwill store–are all in the city limits of Edmonds and are good places to spend your dollars locally.


  3. There is a strong tendancy to exceed 25 MPH coming down the hill into Edmonds on 5th avenue -and it is a known speed-trap location perhaps, so slow down. I personally am glad that there is a police presence to slow us down so pedestrains can walk safely thru the streets. Now if they could stop kids skateboarding down main street sidewalks into town – there have been several close calls with pedestrians as people are leaving businesses.


  4. Great story Maggie and lots of fun ideas for gift baskets. I love shopping in Edmonds with the lighted trees and buildings it feels so festive. Also remember to check out the many great art galleries for a gift for that special someone. There are items to fit any budget and you are not only supporting local businesses you are supporting the local art community that makes Edmonds so unique.


  5. Kathleen A. Johnson is absolutely right! The art galleries draw people from all around. Just like the Saturday Market, locally bought food taste especially good and fresh – locally produced art does the same for me! They’re not museums, though, they need our business.


  6. Maggie! Thanks for spreading this important message. As a rep for small businesses I feel their pain. And we have it all right here in Edmonds.


  7. Thanks so much Maggie for your wonderful support of Edmonds businesses. I am one of those small business owners who finds it a bit frustrating when clients who live in Edmonds head over to Lynnwood to some of those stores that buy in bulk so they can offer a better price point that I can’t compete with. What I do offer is professional help in choosing the right products for your haircare needs along with samples of many of our products to try before you buy. All of this in a comfortable friendly environment and with a money back guarantee. I for one buy local as often a I can.


  8. It’s hard to put a price on convenience, quality assistance and trust. It’s especially hard to put a price on the experience of shopping at one of our small, unique businesses that offer personal service versus shopping at a mega store where everyone is in a rush, “buy me! “buy me! seems to scream at you from the gigantic shelves, and no body knows your name.

    Can you save money? Maybe – but I would bet that you spend more money than you need to, use more gas than you have to and get way more stressed out than is healthy!

    Go Edmonds Businesses!


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