Here’s your chance to comment on naming suggestions for new park at Old Milltown


The City of Edmonds Planning Board is scheduled to hold a public hearing Wednesday night on a name for the new park at Old Milltown. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, Public Safety Building, 250 5th Ave. N.

The city requested the public’s ideas for names for the new park, with a catch: The park name should include an acknowledgement to Hazel Miller, since the city received an $88,000 grant award (covering more than half the project costs) from the Hazel Miller Foundation.

The planning board received 24 suggestions, although not all of them included Hazel Miller’s name. Those with her name include Hazel Miller Park, Courtyard at Old Milltown, Plaza, Humanitarian Park, Town Park, Town Square, Boardwalk Park and Hazel on 5th. Then there was Milltown Rising Park — With Thanks to Hazel Miller. Other names minus the Miller name, which presumably won’t be included, range from Sawmill Park to Old Milltown Park to Hazelwood to Plaza to Edmonds Central Park to even Rick Steves Park. You can see the complete list here.

Following the public hearing, the planning board will make a recommendation to the City Council, which has final authority to approve or amend it.


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