Ribbon cutting Thursday for Shell Valley Emergency Access Road project


The City of Edmonds is hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday afternoon to celebrate completion of the Shell Valley Emergency Access Road project. The event will be at 2:20 p.m. at 8620 Main St. if weather is fair; otherwise, it will be in the Edmonds Library Plaza Room at 650 Main St.

The roadway, which will be an important pedestrian and bicycle link between the Shell Valley neighborhood and the Five Corners area, can also be opened to resident motorists during freezing weather, and will provide a safer route for them to access their homes during those times. The primary route into the neighborhood, Pioneer Way, is a very steep and winding road, which can become hazardous during icy weather.

According to a city-issued news release, the roadway also cuts between two critical areas – a small wetland and a treed slope — and great care had been taken to minimize the impact upon the two features. The road is constructed of porous asphalt, where rainwater can soak through, be cleaned of roadway contaminants in a filter gallery below, and reintroduced to the wetland.

“The City is especially grateful to the residents along the construction site who provided constructive input, cooperation, and patience from the beginning of the neighborhood workshops until completion of construction,” the news release said. “Citizens of Edmonds and neighboring communities who were impacted by the construction are also appreciated for their patience.”

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  1. One neighbor already mentioned that he doesn’t like the slippery slope after he leaves the shell valley emergency exit onto Main street towards 5 corners…Really! I think again, it’s a lot of effort to kill the majority of the wetland to build a road that will only be driven on for two weeks or less a year!

    A trail would of been more useful to non-car folks who walk or ride their bikes. Opening Yost acsess road, which has been done before, and is already there, and could of been upgraded for much less! We like to waist our tax dollars, don’t we?


  2. So glad to see this. I have been witness to the residence’ frustration every year when the first signs of snow hit.


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