Frog Bus busted: Can you help?


    Want to help the Frog Lady jump start her Magic Bus?

    Thayer Cueter, founder of the Just Frogs Toads Too! Foundation, is seeking a donor willing to fix her 1978 VW Kombi bus that takes her to school outreach events and shows. According to Cueter, otherwise known as the Frog Lady, the bus has been out of commission for the last five months.

    As a non-profit on a tight budget, she could use help from a foreign auto repair shop or mechanic to help to get her bus back on the road. “I think she just needs a adjustment to the clutch, but I don’t have the strength  to push the stick into gear and don’t want to make it worse,” Cueter said.

    If you can help, or know of someone who can, call her at 425-778-8726 or email [email protected]

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