Letter: Given dog park vandalism, looking for kindness in the New Year


The new agility course built as an Eagle Scout Project by Alex Young and Boy Scout Troop 312 seems to be the target for vandals.

The course, installed in late October, has now had two instances where the dog jumps have been destroyed.  O.L.A.E. Director and Scout Master Shay Hastler reported the incident last night and was very upset about the vandalism — “Those boys and their families spent many hours creating this wonderful addition to our park and it’s sad that people can’t respect other people’s property.”

Ms. Hastler and Edmonds Parks and Rec Manager Rich Lindsay both managed this very detailed and time consuming Eagle Scout project process. The agility course consist of three jumps, a set of weave poles and an A-frame ramp. Mr. Lindsay had park crews repair the damage two weeks ago.

This newest incident showed that rather than one jump — now two had been destroyed.  Mr. Lindsay was more kind and said perhaps a very big dog destroyed the jumps. Park crews will be repairing the damage in the upcoming week. For more details about joining O.L.A.E. or becoming a volunteer visit www.olae.org.  If you see any suspicious behavior at the dog park, please call 911 to report the incident.

Diane Buckshnis

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