Regina the Florist: Flowers represent the promise of spring


Baby, it’s cold outside! The days are short with little or no sun. Dreary gray seems to be the color theme of the Northwest with the promise of spring somewhere in the distant future.

When the holiday season is over and the excitement of the new year’s resolutions disappears, how often do our feelings plummet into the winter blues? January arrives and with it comes the flu, the common and not-so-common cold, the onslaught of bills from holiday spending and the stress of having to catch up on work after all the time we’ve taken off for the holidays. Death rears its head in full force as people who have hung on during the holidays finally let go. Life gets heavy in January.

Often when we hear that someone we know has experienced a death of a family member or friend, we send them flowers.  When we find out that someone we know is ill or has had surgery, we send them flowers. If a loved one is down in the dumps and needs cheering up, we send flowers. Why flowers? Because flowers exude emotion.

Intuitively, people have known the power of flowers from the beginning of time, dating back as far as 5,000 years ago. Flower giving was and still is ritualistic for many cultures and religions for a multitude of reasons. Some religions believe that flowers are sacred and are the direct route for spiritual communication. Flowers are the messenger used to convey a complete gambit of life’s events and every day affairs. Sent in sympathy, sent in guilt, sent in romance or celebration, flowers speak volumes. Pleasing to the senses and the soul, flowers also have medicinal powers, both physically and mentally. Research conducted at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey,  shows “flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. Study participants expressed true, sincere smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. This reaction was universal, occurring in all age groups studied.”

Perhaps this is why we feel so much better when spring arrives. Flowers are blooming all around us. Our senses are awakened and we are uplifted by the promise of life. Whether a beautiful bouquet from your local florist or a blossom plucked from your garden, flowers are truly food for the soul.  So the next time you give someone flowers, remember you are handing them the promise of spring!

Regina the Florist (Regina Pappas) welcomes any flower-related questions, which can be addressed in this column by sending inquiries to [email protected].  Formerly on Walnut Street with a retail floral shop, Regina now runs a studio-style florist company, making custom bouquets with personal service and delivery.  Regina the Florist 425-775-9993










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  1. Thanks Regina for such an enlightening article. I saw someone walking from Petosa’s today with a bouquet of flowers, they put a smile on my face and I commented that some lucky person was going to get flowers…quite possibly they might have been for themselves too. Nevertheless, flowers do make us feel better.


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