What do you think? Marriage equality resolution before City Council tonight

The Edmonds City Council Monday night is scheduled to consider a resolution stating the city’s support for a bill before the Washington State Legislature to support same-sex marriage.

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  1. In our constitution it says that all men (and women) are created equal. Right now as the laws in many states and the federal government all people are not deemed nor seen as equal. With that I mean when it comes to taxes as well as views, inheritance, hospital rights, … if one is gay they do not have the same rights which according to the constitution is wrong and discriminatory.

    I know that there are many people that oppose gay marriage saying it will bring down or destroy the institution of marriage. A number of questions or thoughts I must address. If you look at all the nations and cities globally that allow gay marriage (Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and Mexico City) you will see that marriage is alive and well with no threat happening to marriage just because gay men and lesbians are allowed to get married.

    Second is that as a person of faith, I know that religion is being used saying it will infringe upon the church and destroy marriage as we know it with the Bible being used to say homosexuality is a sin. And as a man of faith (Christian) I know first hand for I tried for 20 plus years to change or alter my sexuality through celibacy, prayer, accountability, teaching/preaching, you name it but had to come to the simple truth that I am gay. If you look back over time (and not all that long ago) you will see how the bible has been used to oppose people and races regarding their rights. The bible was used against women gaining the right to vote and as well with working and inheritance rights. The bible was used against interracial marriages and people of color from getting the same rights and privileges as the rest had (namely white people). Now this is seen as archaic and as well unscriptual in almost all churches across the land. So we see that interpretation and understanding of the bible does change.

    Thirdly and more honestly the institution of marriage has come under assault by men and women (straight) who choose to diminish it with the high divorce rate and the lack of fidelity. Marriage and our current problems lay firmly on the people who can currently get married not the gay men and women who really desire to marry and have their marriage honored by family and friends (as well as the government).

    And finally it is wrong to single out a group of people and diminish them and keep them at bay from having the same rights, and being under a different tax code then others. I am asking the city council and the good people of Edmonds and WA state to stand for marriage equality for it is the right and moral thing to do. And this is one issue that 50 years down the road will not only be seen as historic but the just and right thing for our whole nation. Please say YES to marriage equality!

  2. The council needs to take this divisive issue off the table. This is a very partisan issue and will only cause division amongst our citizens. Why would we pit one part of the city against the other when anyone with a lick of sense can tell by the make up of the State legislature that this proposal will pass.
    We do not need the dissension this will cause. Being a member of the Edmonds city council is a non partisan position. I for one do not want to see us break down along party lines. It is a mistake. It it will certainly cause most of our churches to look look at us in a negative light.
    This vote is akin to asking our council to decide Roe vs. Wade.
    Bad, bad Idea, don’t do it.
    Dave Page

  3. Dave and Ron I can see that we do not see eye to eye which is OK with me. And Dave what dissension are we talking about?

  4. Note to Dave and Ron: The City Council addresses devisive issues all of the time. Hours and days, manpower and funds are continually lost on trivial ideas and issues. I have sat for hours as Council Members spent all kinds of time on some very, very unimportant things. As was pointed out this evening, past Councils have addressed human rights issues and other similar important things- many of which have nothing to do with “running the city”.

    Personally, I found it extremely disappointing with the Council members who choose to abstain, as I was with the Mayor. Ironically, many of these folks got my vote last election. Sadly, what I smelled in the Council Chambers was the smell of self preservation more than anything else…

    To the four Council members who voted YES- I want to personally thank you for demonstrating the courage and compassion that you showed tonight. I appreciate you. And I’m proud of each of you. Your leadership has been duly noted.

    I am a gay man and I’m an Edmonds resident. It’s important to me to know that the City Council members support me and recognize that I should receive the full benefits as a citizen. All of us deserve this. To not do this is what is devisive and very disappointing.

    The opposition to Marriage Equality has come primarily from the right and from “Christians” in particular. I studied theology for the ministry in my “former” (read “straight”) life. I am a gay Christian.

    To all of the Christians who have spent all of this time, energy and money trying to keep others from having full rights- I’d like you to consider something which I shared at the Council meeting this evening.

    Tonight, when you go to bed and you place your head on your comfortable pillow, pulling up your blankets to keep yourself warm in the bedroom of your comfortable apartment or home (while enjoying the food you ate today and the sense of well being you now have) – think about this as you close your eyes:

    Think about the children who died today for lack of food. Think about the people who have died today for lack of medical care. Think about the poor who have next to nothing. Think about the homeless people just trying to keep warm tonight. Now think about Jesus. Imagine what you’ll say to Him when the time comes to account for all that you had, and for the opportunities you had to stand up for and help the downtrodden? What will His followers say to Him when they have to account for the literally hundreds of millions of dollars that have been spent on this and other non-issues? Do you really think He’ll say “Well done, good and faithful servant”? Do you really think He’ll approve? Really? If this is what you really believe- I don’t think that you really know Him and His heart at all…

  5. Ken C. took the words out of my mouth. I can only feel sadness for people like Dave P. and Ron W. who believe that civil and human rights are a partisan issue and have no place in community discourse. And I feel disappointment in the Mayor and Council Members Petso, Bloom, and Yamamoto who had a historic opportunity to publicly support civil rights for all and chose not to.

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