With swearing in of Joan Bloom, women now in majority on Edmonds City Council

    Joan Bloom is sworn in by Faye May.
    Frank Yamamoto is sworn in by Pastor Barry Crane of the North Sound Church.

    As new councilmembers Joan Bloom and Frank Yamamoto were sworn in Tuesday night, the Edmonds City Council reached a milestone — for the first time ever, women members are in the majority.

    Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling said he was delighted with the new council make-up, noting that when he was on the council two decades ago, women weren’t running for council seats.

    Earling was also sworn in for the second time in a month, along with Councilmembers Diane Buckshnis and Lora Petso. That’s because the Nov. 29 swearing-in applied to the shorter terms for the appointed positions they were filling, while Tuesday’s swearing-in was for the full four-year term.

    Strom Peterson

    In addition, the City Council unanimously elected Strom Peterson for his second term as Council president, and selected Lora Petso as Council pro tem. Peterson then made committee appointments, which are as follows:

    Community Services/Development Services: Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, Lora Petso

    Finance: Diane Buckshnis, Frank Yamamoto

    Public Safety: Joan Bloom, Michael Plunkett

    Community Technology Advisory Committee (CTAC): Yamamoto

    City-Wide Parking Committee: Plunkett, Fraley-Monillas

    Disability Board (appointed by the Mayor): Fraley-Monillas, Bloom

    Economic Development Commission: Bloom (Buckshnis as alternate)

    Highway 99 Task Force: Plunkett, Fraley-Monillas

    Historic Preservation Commission: Plunkett, Petso

    Lake Ballinger Work Group: Petso

    Lodging Tax Advisory Committee: Bloom

    SnoCom: Yamamoto

    Public Facilities District Oversight Committee: Petso

    Port of Edmonds: Yamamoto

    Regional Fire Authority: Petso, Earling, Peterson

    Seashore Transportation Forum 2012: Bloom

    Snohomish County Tomorrow: Yamamoto

    Salmon Recovery: Buckshnis

    In addition, Fraley-Monillas was appointed to the Snohomish County Health District Board and Earling — a former chairman of  Community Transit — was selected as the city’s representative to the Community Transit board.

    The Council also:

    — Voted to ask the City Attorney to prepare language for a code amendment to the Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission to increase the number of commission members from nine to 12.

    — Scheduled the 2012 City Council Retreat for Feb. 10-11. The public is invited to attend.


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