No decision made on changing time of city council meetings


It was a short discussion on the topic of time — in particular, whether the Edmonds City Council should change the start time of Council meetings from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m.

While opinions included the belief that councilmembers would be more focused if the meetings didn’t go so late into the evening, and the concern that starting earlier might be a hardship for those who come to the meetings following work, no decision was made during Tuesday night’s council meeting. Two councilmembers — Diane Buckshnis and Strom Peterson — were absent, so it was agreed to revisit the issue at another time.


(you can see the results of our reader survey on this topic here) and a report on last week’s City Council Committee Meetings. There is also the usual time allotted for mayor and councilmember comments.

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