Sherwood kindergarteners find many ways to count to 100 Tuesday

Sherwood kindergarteners plant 100 pea seeds in raised beds Tuesday.

The full-time kindergarten class at Edmonds’ Sherwood Elementary celebrated its 100th day of school Tuesday with a focus on counting to 100.

The students began their day by taking on the challenge to eat 100 pancakes. The cooks for the day made the pancakes small so the 23-member class was able to eat 198. The rest of the day was full of different activities that helped them master the skill of counting to 100.

Counting and writing numbers to 100 is a milestone that all kindergarteners must master. Having a day completely focused on counting helped to make sure all the children have achieved this goal. They made trail mix with 100 items in it, hats with 100 stamps on them, cereal necklaces with 100 loops and many other activities.

They wore off the pancakes by doing 100 jumping jacks, jumping rope 100 times and bouncing the ball back and forth to each other — you guessed it — 100 times!

The finale of the day was planting 100 pea seeds in the students’ three raised-bed gardens, which are used to teach the children about healthy eating, gardening and science. Students learned just last Friday that Sherwood Elementary was selected to receive a $1,500 grant and a greenhouse to be installed on the Sherwood campus in the next few weeks. The money will be used to establish the greenhouse with proper equipment and set up science projects for the kids at the school.

The grant came from the Washington State Potato Commission, QFC and Tim’s Potato Chips.

Story and photo submitted by Heather Margo



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