Reminder: Volunteers needed for Edmonds Marsh work party Saturday

Photo by Gary Haakenson

People For Puget Sound, Friends of Edmonds Marsh and the City of Edmonds are hosting a volunteer work party on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to plant 140 native shrubs and ground cover to re-establish wildlife habitat at Edmonds Marsh.

The marsh is a unique asset to the City of Edmonds as it provides habitat for local and migrant birds and functions as a buffer that filters stormwater runoff before it drains into Puget Sound. Working with the City Parks and Recreation Department, People For Puget Sound developed a plan to address invasive plants and poor quality habitat along a section of marsh buffer. The plan involves working with local volunteers to remove invasive plants and replace them with native species that provide more beneficial habitat for marsh wildlife. In 2010 and 2011, volunteers removed over 3,500 sq feet of invasive plants, including Himalayan blackberry, Japanese knotweed and purple loosestrife.

Friends of Edmonds Marsh and People For Puget Sound, with support from the City of Edmonds, are once again calling the community to come be a part of the action. Volunteers are needed to help replant this section of marsh buffer with native plants.  The plants were selectively chosen to address several needs of this site, including ability to survive both dry and wet conditions, stabilizing the buffer slope, and providing the right habitat for many of the bids and other wildlife that call Edmonds Marsh home. The effort is particularly focused on replacing appropriate habitat for the elusive and unique sora, a small bird that sticks close to the ground, hiding among the cattails and grasses.

Families and groups welcome. Kids 10 and under are required to have one-on-one adult supervision. All tools, equipment, gloves, and light refreshments provided; please bring a sack lunch and refillable water bottle. Volunteers are asked to RSVP for this event by contacting Gail Lassman at [email protected].

For more information on Edmonds projects, contact Keeley O’Connell, Restoration Ecologist, at [email protected] or 206-382-7007, Ext. 184.


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