Jay Inslee to leave Congress to focus on governor’s race

Jay Inslee

U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee announced Saturday he will leave Congress to focus full-time on his campaign for governor, according to  our online news partner The Seattle Times.

The seven-term Democrat from the 1st District, who represents Edmonds, made the announcement during a news  conference Saturday at his campaign headquarters in Seattle, The Times said.

When asked if he was short-changing constituents by leaving his seat empty, Inslee acknowledged it was a difficult decision.

“But I asked this question: ‘Where can I do most good for the state of Washington?’”

You can read the complete Times story here.

2 Replies to “Jay Inslee to leave Congress to focus on governor’s race”

  1. I am glad to see this weekend’s announcement by Jay Inslee that his full time efforts are now being devoted to the campaign. This is another indicator Of Representative
    Inslee’s commitment to building and leading as Governor, a position which continues his distinguished work in Congress for two decades. He is the best
    qualified to lead this state at this time, with incomparable knowledge of Washington as to all levels of its society, economy and government. For two decades and more he has served us, first in the State House, then on BOTH sides of the Cascades.
    This is a unique career. If Washington seems at time to be two states, then the bridges to be built can be well built by Jay Inslee as Governor. He will be one of the outstanding governors from Washington State.


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