Reminder: Driftwood Players invite you to come play in their house Sunday

    Carissa, Kathleen and Roger hope you'll stop by the Wade James Theatre Sunday.

    If you were strolling through downtown Edmonds recently, you would have spotted these three Driftwood Players volunteers. Yes, they raided the costume closet at the Driftwood Annex and picked some interesting things to wear.

    Carissa (sparkle top hat), Kathleen (purple hat) and Roger (distinguished pith helmet) were strolling along, waiving to the crowds and shop owners, and handing out invitation cards for the Edmonds Driftwood Players Open House this Sunday, March 18. The event will run from noon to 4 p.m. at the Wade James Theatre, 950 Main St., Edmonds.

    Admission is free and so are the guided backstage tours. Now is your chance to see behind the scenes, literally. In fact, the set for the upcoming play “Harvey” is now being designed and built by volunteers.

    Additionally, tickets will be sold to obtain face painting, on-stage photos in costume, concession items, earrings by Haley, or pins and poppers by Casey.


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