Las Brisas to move to Old Milltown by this summer

Proposed renovation for Old Milltown facade.

Stephen Clifton, the City of Edmonds Economic Development Director, sent an email Thursday with the news that another new tenant has been identified for Old Milltown — Las Brisas Mexican Restaurant. Las Brisas is currently located in the Harbor Square business complex.

The announcement was made during Thursday night’s Architectural Design Board meeting during a presentation by the architect for the Old Milltown façade renovation project.

According to Clifton, Las Brisas plans to relocate to Old Milltown by this summer.

Two other downtown Edmonds businesses have already announced that they are relocating to Old Milltown: The Resident Cheesemonger and Edmonds Vision Center.

Clifton also shared a drawing for the Old Milltown building façade that was presented during the Architectural Design Board meeting, but noted that the proposed renovations are being revised per guidance from the design board and will be presented during the May 16 board meeting.

5 Replies to “Las Brisas to move to Old Milltown by this summer”

  1. Las Brisas will evidently be located on 5th Ave. in the southern corner of the OMT building adjacent to the city’s new park; I saw a liquor license application posted in a widow there today.


  2. Hurray! Three of my favorite Edmonds businesses will be located at the Hazel Miller Plaza/Old Milltown site where the Russell B. Wolfe Memorial drinking fountain is being installed. Like the National Parks, Edmonds is “stepping away from plastic.” Everyone needs to have a stainless steel refillable water bottle for their walks, bicycle rides, jogs, and other sports. What a wonderful town we are becoming!


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