Another hardware store coming to Old Milltown

A year after the Ace Hardware store closed in Old Milltown, downtown Edmonds is getting another hardware store — and it’s at the expense of Richmond Beach.

Our friends at Shoreline Area News reported early Tuesday that Tweedy and Popp Ace Hardware in Richmond Beach is closing its store May 13, and the owners will open a new store in Old Milltown. The new store will not be an Ace store but an independent store — Edmonds Hardware and Paint, Shoreline Area News said.

“The merchandise will be tailored to the needs and requests of the neighborhood rather than by national sales advertising campaigns.”

An unrelated Ace Hardware left Old Milltown when the weight of the paint began to stress the floor. The new Edmonds Hardware and Paint will be in a different part of Old Milltown.

The new store will open at 201 5th Ave. S., Suite 206 on Aug. 1.

  1. I hope, unlike many of the other merchants in the Bowl, that they keep reasonable hours and keep their prices reasonable. GLAD TO HAVE THEM HERE!

  2. that is great and i agree with coments of Priya. Also i have said it once and i have to say it again. Wouldn’t it be great to have a five and dime store?

  3. The cost of doing business is what will set the margins and hours are usually set by demand. I would much rather pay a few more dollars on my toyal purchase to go to my local hardware store than fight the traffic and day laborers at HD.
    This is great news! I remember growing up in Wallingford and going into the original Tweedy and Pop.

  4. This is fantastic news. I would definitely pay a little more to be able to walk to a hardware store as well. Welcome!

  5. Will that be in “Old Milltown” or new “Old Milltown”?
    At this rate of expansion and growth, Edmonds will be back to the way it was 30 years ago.

  6. @Jim, sorry. When a local store marks up a product I can buy elsewhere by 20% to 30% and gives me less selection and quality and requires me to be in town between 10:00am and 6:00 pm for the pleasure of spending my money, it ain’t going to happen.

    Let me give you a for example: I work in Seattle and am on the bus between 6:30 am and 7:00 am on most days. I usually don’t even get back into town until 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm. I needed to buy a gift for my secretary’s birthday. I tried to buy one here but, only had minutes to shop when I got into town. The particular store I was in had marked up their prices outrageously. I was able to buy the same exact product on line for a more reasonable price without the stress of having to be in town btw 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.

    Frankly, if the downtown merchants took more time to court us working stiffs, a whole new market would open up. There are, of course, exceptions. For example, I frequently the Book Store, Terri’s Toy Box and the Kitchen Stores. Their hours might suck but their prices are very reasonable so, I don’t mind waiting.

    I find Petosa’s, whom I assume you are an owner, overly expensive to feed my boys (17 and 8). And, there is just not a wide range of selection. I do run in there when I am only looking for a few items.

    With regard to clothes, why would I spend $200 on a simple blouse when I can buy a whole outfit at Nordstrom’s for the same price? The quality is just as good and I have more selection.

    Why would I spend $40 or $50 on a pair of jeans for my 8 year old when I can buy the same thing out of town for $20. Certainly, my 8 year old does not need a $50 pair of jeans. He will either outgrow them or put a whole in the knees within a couple of months. Sorry…as a single, working mother, I cannot justify those costs.

    The merchants in the Bowl keep saying they are driven by the market. Yes. That market is the well to do of Edmonds. That market is not a single, working mom.

  7. Wonderful! It will be so nice to see businesses back in the Old Milltown. It has been a long time coming. Now, how about that Bill the Butcher?

  8. Priya,
    For clarification. I do not own Petosas although I worked there for many years and have lived here for well over 25 years. All I know is if everyone had the same attitide as yours about shopping in the bowl, Edmonds would be a ghost town and we would have bigger problems than utility hook up fees and bad roads. I just find it ironic that for someone that seems to have an opinion about so many issues concerning our city you find another reason to be negative. Of course these stores are going to be higher in price, they don’t have the buying power of the big stores. I will try to be part of the solution.

  9. I believe Priya has a valid point, although I don’t believe there is an easy solution. I don’t see it as a negative viewpoint, but a realistic one. There will always be a few local merchants supported by locals, but there is no logical future where they will come back with any force.

    Retail in the bowl has a relatively small audience. Those who are willing and capable of paying more for less selection in order to support local business, avoid a longer drive, and avoid crowds. That small group of consumers is limited further by store hours that usually exclude the commuter crowd.

    Consumers can’t afford the markup without making cut’s elsewhere. Even if they can afford it, they are more aware of lower prices and larger selection due to the growing access to information. Retail can’t afford to lower their margins and increase staff to support longer store hours.

    A few times, I had visited the previous Ace hoping to save the time of going to HD or Lowes. I ended up walking out and driving to HD due to lack of selection or a price that I was not able to personally justify. That being said, I will probably end up stopping in the new hardware store in similar scenarios. In some cases, they will get my business.

  10. By no means am I a rich person.
    But I will pay more to support local businesses. I will pay more to buy American made products when possible. I do not and will not buy from stores like Walmart and Home Depot.
    Also, Petosa’s meat department has some wonderful deals and the quality is better than the major supermarkets.
    There are a lot of retail stores in the bowl that have things you simply can’t find at the mega stores, at any price.
    I have a Buy Local bumpersticker and I walk the talk.

  11. I agree with Jim Petosa and Rick Davenport – buy local and support our Edmonds businesses, if we don’t, how are we going to attract new businesses to fill our empty store fronts? Let’s rally around our merchants and show them that we want them to thrive in our community.

  12. According to research by YES magazine, “for every dollar spent at a local business…45 cents is reinvested locally.” “For every dollar spent at a corporate chain…only 14 cents is reinvested locally. Putting your money where your values are is a personal choice and some folks really need to feel like they are getting a good deal. Sometimes the bigger costs are hidden. Biggest selection and lowest cost are not usually what is important to me. My personal choices define me.

  13. It makes more sense to support your local businesses that you enjoy now, rather than mourn them when they are gone.

    But back on track – It’s great to see hardware back in the bowl.

  14. It is funny that people seem to forget that there are other businesses other than those in the downtown corridor. If you shop at PCC, QFC, Top, Bartell’s..etc. you are still shopping local. The Bowl is not the only game in town. But, we forget that . The merchant’s in the Bowl need to learn how to be competitive.

    @Chris Herman. Wow! Aren’t you a liberal elitist. I don’t know you very well but, I suspect you are a single man with no children who has never really seen poverty. This impression of you particularly hit home when you were dealing with the solar project on Anderson Center and made the comment that :”everyone should be able to come up with $1000 to invest in the project”. Unfortunately,. not everyone is as financially well of as you are.

    Nonetheless, let me educate you. PCC and Top are union stores. They pay prevailing wages, provide health insurance, and retirement benefits to their employees. I very much doubt, if Petosa’s does. PCC and Top are local stores. There is a children’s consignment store on 104 that sells children’s clothes for cheaper than anything I can find in the bowl. It is a mom and pop operation and also in Edmonds. For myself, Nordstrom’s is a WA owned store. Although they are not union, it is my understanding that they pay prevailing wages and provide health insurance to their employees. I’m not talking about shopping at Walmart and Target. Perhaps you should think before you speak and not pass judgement on other so quickly.

    I am lucky, I have a good career and can support may family. However, your statement above judges everyone who does not do exactly what you do. How dare you judge a hourly worker who can’t buy local or make the choices that we can make because she is not making a prevailing wage. Shame on you. I suggest you spend some time in a a food bank seeing what real people have to deal with.

    @Jim and Rick, I have a 17 year old who drinks about 1.5 gallons of milk every two days. I can buy 1 gallon of milk at Top, an Edmonds Store that is unionized (see above) for about $3.00. At Petosa’s it costs closer to $6. I can’t justify that expense. And, it is one of the many price mark ups I see there. Additionally, I don’t buy fruits and vegetable that are out of season and need to be imported from Chile or Mexico. That is one way I buy American. Have you made the same choices.

  15. @Chris Herman,

    So how is it that the Solar Co-Op is now open to everyone in the State of Washington rather than just those in the local PUD? Did the Co-Op decide they needed more funding for the next phase so local was less important than the dollars? Local seems to be a relative term.

    I had hoped you would share with us how much those panels produced in terms of both savings to the City, and the net cost of the energy generated.

    And the hardware store, terrific! Hope they are able to make a lasting go of it. I just don’t like the big hardware stores, nothing political about it.

  16. I love the dialouge being expressed. This is much easier then a fistfight! I am so glad that all of us who are passionate about being involved with the details of Edmonds dare to share. Have you seen what’s going on in Seattle? They are putting in a ferris wheel. Why can’t we have similar attractions? Lately, the only ferris wheel I see and read about in Edmonds is the one that everyone get’s on and forgets to exit. It is unfortunate that the previous “Ace True Value” had to close (it closed bcause due diligence was not applied and pointing the finger always has to rear it’s ugly head) and I miss it quite a bit. In fact , it was my favorite store to shop in in Edmonds. About Petosa’s, If you don’t like shopping at Petosa’s, then don’t! For some of us who have good careers and are still doing fine in this economic recession then the 1 thing that we can do is to spend money in our own community and support our local merchants. You might pay more at Petosa’s but if you have the money to spend then shop at Petosa’s. I bet you don’t even know what Petosa’s gives back to the community in the way of gifting? To single out businesses and merchants the way some of you do is “anti- community”. The merchants who live and work in Edmonds depend on us to make their businesses survive. It is just plain “free enterprise”. You see, this is what I talk about in my emails over and over: Quit living in the past, get off that ferris wheel and be respectful of building the city up and not tearing down. It seems that for every 1 good comment there are 10 detrimental ones to go along. I have tried to support the Edmonds merchants by shopping in downtown Edmonds as well as the Highway 99 corridor. I have recently left a dentist of 15 years to bring my business to Edmonds. Same for my Vision. My family has been trying all the resturants in Edmonds to eat at. Support Edmonds by getting involved wheter it be a business, recreation, volunteering, shopping, or whatever! The City of Edmonds has been wonderful to me and my family so we are really trying to do our part. as for this forum that all of us like to respond to, this is a great outlet. Remember, if you express your opinion, then do it in a way that is “respectfull”. I will always try to defend our Great City. Later!’

  17. free enterprise

    — n
    an economic system in which commercial organizations compete for profit with little state control.

    The key here is COMPETE.

  18. Greetings from a local neighborhood located 2 miles east of downtown, and it too is in Edmonds. We have supported local Edmonds businesses for 17 years that include: Top Food, a dentist, dermatologist, gas station, numerous great eating establishments, Starbucks, JIffy Lube @ Holmes Corner, convenience stores, dry cleaner @ 5 Corners, on and on. They are ‘local’ to this part of Edmonds as other businesses are local to Firdale, Westgate, Perrinville and elsewhere. This discussion is too stuck with downtown/Bowl thinking and therein lies part of our economic woes. Until we see the whole City for its value and opportunity, not much financial headway will occur. It’s time to end the narrow ‘Bowl vision’ of Edmonds and put our investments where it will do best for all.

  19. Thank goodness for Petosa’s….The Edmonds Food Bank receives generous donations from Petosa’s on a weekly basis. A gallon of milk for a single mom or a family to purchase does not exceed $3.29 for whole milk, $2.99 for the others. I have worked for union stores and at Petosa’s, I take pride in working for a small family owned business in Edmonds. I have lived in this town for 45 years and have always supported local business, especially in the bowl. I am excited that Edmonds will be getting another hardware store, after ACE closed it was apparent that the town really needed it, just as when Petosa’s closed, many neighbors expressed their feelings about how much they took our little store for granted. I don’t know why Priya feels the need to bash Petosa’s Family Grocer…if you don’t like small grocery stores, don’t shop there. As a proud Edmonds resident I can say that I support the stores in the bowl and in the Edmonds zip codes…regardless of price.

  20. Wow, with an attitude like that toward local merchants Alderwood Mall and Northgate Mall are perfect for you. I like that I can walk into Housewares and say, “Hi” to Robert. I like that I can walk into the Resident Cheese Monger and say “How’s it going Strom?” I like that can chat with David at Arista Wine Celler. (same price if not cheaper than QFC) . But I’m sure you can spout out the name of the person who last helped you at Nordstroms .

    As a single mother, I hope that you can appreciate that the Downtown Edmonds Merchant Association (DEMA) funds and organizes the entire Halloween event. This provides a safe environment and a positive atmosphere. No tax dollars are used for these events. DEMA even pays full price to “rent” the police that keep patrol.

    I like that Edmonds has a local feel. I like that our quaint little town goes to bed early. And for those times where you need to buy a gift, I’m sure you’re aware that nearly all of the stores have extended hours each Thursday. We all have families that we want to have dinner with and spend time with and it’s selfish to hold the owners and employees of the local stores to a different standard.

    I’ve grown up in Edmonds. I met my wife in Edmonds. We bought our home in Edmonds. And I will continue to support the great local stores that help keep it a true Edmonds.

  21. Jim U. Good points. Looking at the recient study done by the U of W for 5 corners, there was a plan to put a public market in the area. So those who want a public market should get behind the 5 corners plan. If we site a Public market elsewhere that competes or eliminates our current sat market we need to find a way to replace the revenues that flow to the Musium.

  22. Ron W speaking for me? Not a bad idea, I wonder if he will let me speak for him on occasion?

  23. Janine, good point on the generous spirit of local businesses. I”ve seen the Edmonds Food Bank regularly fill its truck with donations @ Top Foods; maybe other places. Another reason to be proud of our city.

  24. I just love comment #15, but Jim P….. “Anyway, Welcome Tweedy & Pop.”
    Lighten up, everyone!!!!

  25. As a matter of fact, I do know the people I deal with at Nordstroms. Nordstroms does customer services very well. But, in any case, you missed the point which is that ther are no clothing alternatives for me in town. The places downtown Edmonds are too expensive and don’t carry my size or style.

    And, DL, since you are a family man, tell me how you can justify buying a 40 dollar pair of jeans for a 8 year old when You can get the same product for cheaper. oH wait, at a consignment store on 104 which is across the street from the car wash which is in EDMONDS!!! Just because a store is in e bowl does not mean that it is not in Edmonds.

    I don’t generally buy wine on a regular basis but, I do frequent Aristas. I do agree they are competitive but, not all the stores I the bowl are. If you read my 6 above, you would have notice that I listed many of the merchants I do utilize including Robert at the kitchen store.

    Regarding hours, I do business internationally. I adjust my schedule to the demands of an international clock. It is the price I pay to be competitive In a free market economy. I make it happen. I just don’t feel for businesses that don’t do what it takes to be competitive like I do. But, in any case I did not know about the extended hours Thursday. That is good to know and perhaps, the bowl merchants should advertise it better. It says something when a person who literally lives across the street from Aristas does not know of this.

    @Janine, I’m not bashing Petosas. I’m just stating facts that affect me and my decisions on how to shop. These are just facts. No moral judgement. You can read whatever you want into them. And, I know I am NOT the only one who makes decisions based on the facts I have outlined above. Just take a gander at the last polling the City paid for. The same thought were mentioned.

    Two things to take away from my comments :(1) the bowl is not the only game in town. There are stores that you can frequent at five corners, rte 99, and rte 104 that are more competitive with regard to pricing. (in my humble opinion, there are no clothing stores,except the consignment stores, that are competitive. To expensive and don’t carry my size or style): (2) if we want to look at true economic development in town, we need to consider all the merchants. Not just the Bowl.

    We as a town need to balance our wants to stay small and local with our need to generate taxes. This can only be done if merchants are competing. This is not me bashing but a fact that most of learn in economy 101. a last point…I always try to shop union because:(1) if it is Union made, it is American made;(2) Union shops pay prevailing wages and benefits so that the people who work their can actually live I the neighborhoods they work in and pay into the tax system.

  26. I’m working off my iPad this morning so, I’m not sure how the emotive got stuck up there in 31. It wasn’t my intent.

  27. Again, I’m on my iPad this morning and something weird happened and I posted above before I was ready so, please forgive my typos and grammar.

  28. Really…only one more thing…I LOVE ALL the restaurants in EDMONDS. I almost never leave town to eat. All of the restaurants know ME and my order by name. They are competitive in their pricing, they have good hours, there is a variety offered (everything from comfort food at Claire’s and Chantrelles to a little bit of spice at Epulo and Dimitiris. I do leave town for Indian food but, I am a bit fussy about that.)

    GOOD JOb to all of you.

  29. Ok..really…this is my one more last bit….

    A study in competitiveness: Edmonds Theater is the best example of this. I love that theater and don’t frequent others. When we first moved into town they only had movies that had been out for a while or were not necessarily the ones I wanted to see. They have turned that around. They were playing Avengers on the first weekend and were also able to keep their prices low AND FREE POPCORN FOR KIDS! how do you beat that! I’m taking my kids to the Edmonds Theater for my Mother’s Day present. I am dying to see the Avengers!

    So…small businesses…you can be competitive…take a lesson from the Edmonds Theater.

  30. Thanks, Darrol! I ran the year’s first half marathon two weeks ago and came out 18/68 in m y age group and in the top half over all! My next half marathon is next month!

  31. Who is this Priya? She seems to pass judgment quickly without thinking. Those of us who work in Edmonds for local merchants, have families as well and would like to have time with them in the evenings. I highly doubt she works past 6 pm either. I’m sure if she had to work until 9 pm and miss dinner with her children she would have something to say about that.

    So let’s remember this is a family oriented city and buy local and support local merchants, whatever that might mean to you. And obviously time was not as pressing for Priya’s “gift purchase”, since she could buy it on-line and wait for it to be shipped. I love this community and can’t imagine anyone has that much negative to say. I suggest she move to Lynnwood to be closer to Nordstrom’s and cheap chain stores.

  32. Just a friendly reminder – this is a wonderful local site that is supported by the local businesses and readers. Everyone, regardless of their being single, having kids, being fortunate to have money, whatever your circumstance is – hit that DONATE button and give what you can so that this site can continue and you can comment away and we can enjoy the interesting local articles and photos: )

  33. One thing that all of us who shop in Edmonds are aware of is the terrific service
    provided by Edmonds merchants. Petosa’s is a great example. They greet everyone with a smile and a howdy. If ever their are more then two people in line to check out
    a new checker suddenly appears. I will pay more for that warm fuzzy feeling I get.
    I do understand Priya’s dilemma. I helped raise four girls in Edmonds when I was not so well healed. We bought many clothes items at the Edmonds thrift shop.
    On Saturdays we gave them each $5 to spend as they pleased in downtown. Ha! they were gone for the day. I bought my wife’s engagement and wedding rings in Edmonds at very competitive prices.
    After reading all these responses I am re-committed to supporting Edmonds merchants.

  34. Let me understand this….unless I shop exclusively in the Bowl, I don’t support Edmonds? You have a pretty narrow view of Edmonds. The last time I checked, PCC, Topp, Bartells, the consignment stores were all in Edmonds.

    Again, I’m not passing any moral judgement. Bowl shopping does not work for me. I’m not sure where the moral judgement issue is coming from.

    BTW, today, I worked at home and spent money at Revelations, for coffee, and dinner at the Taki.

    Do tell me where I can buy clothes in Edmonds for myself. Alex, where do you you buy clothes for yourself in Edmonds?

  35. For all who have responded here, I want to know where you buy clothes in Edmonds:
    (1) for your kids and how much you have spent in the last month; and
    (2) for yourself and how much you have spent in the last 6 months.

  36. Using the Edmonds Princess as a business model is tough. Jacques Mayo ran it at a loss for years because he felt Edmonds needed it’s own, traditional small town theater and he was willing to subsidize it.

  37. Ah, the “dialogue” I spoke about is at work with all of you who have responded. By the way, I buy my clothes at Nordstroms/The Rack. why? Nordstroms has the best quality clothing, hands down! It is enevitable that the idea that the people in the bowl area are going to lose their stronghold on what goes on in downtown Edmonds. I see 5-7 story buildings and I forsee a “Nordstroms/J.C. Penny’s/IHop/Ferris wheel/Restoration Hardware in the future. If you want Edmonds to be able to provide the same kind of street maintenance like our neighbor to the south- Woodway- then we need to go after the “majors” in the industries. This will bring revenue in and I guarentee people will definately shop in Edmonds, even our own citizenry! Of course, this is a dream, just like the one I am writing about! P.S. Thank you Jim P. for your comment and thank you Jim U. for reminding us that Edmonds is much bigger than the “bowl” area. Keep supporting our local merchants and our City Government. They need us! Have a great Mother’s Day everyone! Keep on chattin’!

  38. Wow, what a dialogue!
    Priya, you do not know me at all! You made quite a slew of snap judgements. I do not have a lucrartive career (like being an intl. lawyer), am not a liberal elitist and have been involved in solar with my own business for 25 years, making a modest living. I do not assume everyone has $1,000 to invest, but many people do, if they would bother to see the value of locally produced renewable energy and getting their money back. I have been a good saver all my life and came up with $1,000 for a great cause. Most of our members are 1 Slice owners and are not wealthy. I am married w/2 kids that were homeschooled and wear pre-owned clothes, as I do mostly (bought at Value Village and Goodwill in Edmonds). You seem to have a lot of time on your hands to post with such vehemence and length. I’m not sure why I am dignifying your remarks with a response except that you are so wrong about me and you seem like a bit of a bully, and I am a redhead that doesn’t run from a confrontation.

    Diane T. the reason we opened the Solar Co-op to any WA resident at the end of last year was because we got an interpretation from the DOR of the law that verified that the owners of the system did NOT have to live in the service territory in which it was installed. We then got corroboration from SnoPUD before publicly opening it up. I was gone for a month rafting the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon when PSE opened up their community solar projects to any WA resident. I came back to a nice surprise and immediately expanded our marketing efforts, with some success.
    To date our 4.2 kW phase 1 system has produced 1246 kWh, which has saved the City about $50 so far on their electric bill for the FAC. We are heading into the best production months and our phase 2 system will be at least 5x the size of phase 1. We should produce about 25,000 kWh/yr. when completed x $.04/kWh savings = $1,000/yr. We will still leave about 4,000 sq. ft. of leased roof vacant that could be producing clean energy for the City and the planet.
    I am frankly a bit disappointed that more people did not step up and support this unique project. There are lots of new expensive cars driving around town and our 85 member/owners represent a very small % of the Edmonds population. Having said that, 25 kW of locally produced solar equipment installed on our local community center is way better than 0 kW. So we will declare victory and hope that our model will be duplicated in many more U.S. cities as it has already been done in Germany and Denmark. Now it is onto my new, real job, selling solar for the largest dealer/installer in the state (Sunergy Systems), so I can actually make a living again. Thanks to all who supported the co-op for the good of our City, our region and our planet.

  39. Hi Chris:
    Take your family to the Edmonds thrift shop in the senior center. They have great great cloths and better prices. It’s a big income producer for our senior and many people don’t know about it.
    Good comments.

  40. Chris:

    I apologize for my assumptions about you. Thank you for clarifying that my assumptions were wrong. However your elitist statement that your choice is the correct one was very much what I would call bullying. And, obviously, you don’t know me very well either. I was married 20 years to a career Naval Man.

    I never made much money because I had to balance raising my kids on my own and my career. I had a catastrophic medical issue last year that put me in a huge hole in my budget. Plus I walked away from a house and had to start from scratch again.

    So, maybe what we both should take something away from this. I won’t make assumptions about others and you won’t act like you have all the right answers.

  41. Thanks Dave, I didn’t know about it and will make a visit there.

    Priya, If having an environmental and social conscience, and putting my limited funds where my values lie, is elitist, then I guess I am. Though I would’ve structured the Solar Co-op as an LLC instead of a co-op, if that were the case. I am sorry for your health challenge. My father was career Navy, and gone twice for a year. I can somewhat relate to your married life with kids and an absent husband. Having met Phoenix more than once, it seems you’re doing a good job.

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