Edmonds-area high school June Students of Month


Edmonds-Woodway High School

Student Name: Emma Stelter
Mother’s Name: Laura Chang
Father’s Name: Scot Stelter
GPA: 3.9
Clubs & Activities: I am the current secretary (and co-founder) of Edmonds-Woodway’s creative writing group, NaNoWriMo Club. At the moment I’m working on a couple of long-term writing projects, but I also write poetry and bizarre short stories when they strike my fancy. Outside of school, I play the piano, sing, and knit.
Athletics: While I did not play a high school sport this year, I have, in my past three years, played on my school volleyball team as a middle blocker.
Honors: I’ve been a member of National Honor Society since 10th grade.
Awards: Junior Year: Outstanding Achievement in Chinese 1 and Outstanding Achievement in IB French 5; Sophomore Year : (Willow Glen High School, in California): Student of the Year for French; Freshman Year: (at Willow Glen High School): Highest Honor Roll
Community Service: Most recently I was a volunteer at the Wing Luke Asian Museum, where I transcribed interviews for the museum’s oral history project. I loved listening to the stories.
Culminating Project: Since I am in the International Baccalaureate program at Edmonds-Woodway, I fulfilled my culminating project requirement by doing an extended research paper on the literary aspects of three memoirs, and to fulfill the presentation aspect two my classmates and I created a presentation which examined the effects of perception on the administration of the law and the current trial of former Khmer Rouge official, Ieng Thirith.
Future Educational Goals: Next fall I will be attending Wellesley College, where I plan to pursue an English degree–if another subject doesn’t sweep me off my feet by junior year.
Future Career Goals: I want to be a writer, eventually a novelist, but I’m keeping an open mind in case I find something else I love.

Student Name: Beatrice Garrard
Mother’s Name: Naomi Baltuck
Father’s Name: Thomas Garrard
GPA: 3.92
Clubs & Activities: I write comics and novels about charming losers. I am known as the “benevolent dictator” of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Club, Edmonds-Woodway’s writers’ guild. I am a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association and the Seattle Storytellers’ Guild. I tell stories professionally at schools, libraries, and festivals. Also, I play violin, or at least try to.
Honors: National Honors Society, inclusion in the Edmonds-Woodway Hall of Fame, AXA Achievement Community Scholarship, and selection as an Everett Herald “Super Kid.”
Awards; Northwest International Baccalaureate World School Award; Outstanding Achievement Award in History, 2012; Outstanding Achievement Award in Spanish, 2011; Outstanding Achievement Award in Art History, 2011
Community Service: NaNoWriMo Club has raised over $1,000 for the Heifer International Project and relief for Japanese earthquake refugees. We did so through three extremely successful, pledge-per-page, “write-a-thon” fundraisers. I have also volunteered at the Edmonds Museum, which I hope to spend much more time doing this summer.
Culminating Project: As a full IB student, my culminating project was an extended essay, for which I conducted research in Buenos Aires while on vacation with my family. The result was a 4,000-word history paper analyzing the reasons for the decline of Jewish prostitution in Argentina.
Current Employment: I have a manuscript for a novel that I have been working like mad to polish. My primary jobs are getting my story in shape, then getting it published. I will also be on a storytelling tour in various libraries this summer.
Future Educational Goals: I’m going to Stanford University to study history next fall. I hope to excel there, challenge myself, and experiment with subjects I never would’ve thought to take. I will probably return to graduate school to earn my degree in teaching, so I can continue learning from my students for the rest of my career.
Future Career Goals: I want to teach history, write novels, and own lots of cats.

Scriber Lake High School

Student Name: Amanda LeHuquet
Mother’s Name: Angelique LeHuquet
GPA: 3.3
Clubs & Activities: Member of this year’s Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program
Traveled with Scriber Lake HS group to Costa Rica to help save the endangered leatherback sea turtles; presented cultural performance to indigenous BriBri Tribe.
Athletics: Played softball
Honors: Recognized for achievement in math, biology, geology, and social studies. This year Amanda has been on “green status” for most of the year, meaning that she had additional privileges on campus due to high achievement in classes.
Awards: Won scholarships from Scriber Lake High School; Won a tuition waiver scholarship from Edmonds Community College
Community Service: Amanda helped at the Waterfront Festival to help the Daybreakers Rotary with this event while earning donations for her Costa Rica trip.
Culminating Project: Amanda presented on how she raised funds for her Costa Rica trip by selling hand-crafted arts, including macrame bracelets made with hemp cord.
Current Employment: Previously worked at Sbarro’s at Alderwood Mall.
Future Educational Goals: Amanda will be attending Edmonds Community College in order to earn an associate’s degree.
Future Career Goals: Amanda is aiming to serve the elderly by becoming a chef in a senior home or by working directly with the residents.
Anything else we should know? Amanda went on a 3-day backpacking trip on the Olympic Peninsula with the InStep class in mid-June.

Student Name: Kayla Kinnard
Mother’s Name: Alicia Kinnard
Father’s Name;: Jason Kinnard
GPA: 3.3
Clubs & Activities: InStep Interdisciplinary Studies Education Program participant, 2012; Consistently on “green status” for excellent attendance.
ASB: ASB Representative for the 2011-12 school year.
Athletics: S.O.S. Snowboarding Club
Honors: Recognized for achievement in math.
Awards: Won the EdSTEM$ Scholarship for up to $5000 at Edmonds Community College.
Culminating Project: Kayla focused on the profession of midwifery through special classes in the community and exploration of Bastyr University’s Midwifery program.
Future Educational Goals: Will be studying biology and chemistry at Edmonds Community College and will eventually transfer to Bastyr University.
Future Career Goals: Kayla is on the path of becoming a midwife.
Anything else we should know? Kayla is a Certified Nursing Assistant through her studies at Sno-Isle Tech Institute. Kayla is also very artistic, and is an accomplished writer. She recently had a chapter published in the book “We Are Absolutely Not Okay” edited by Ingrid Rocks and Marjie Bowker and other Scriber students.







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