City sculptures get a good cleaning

Artech employees at work.

Artech, an art maintenance and restoration company, is in Edmonds Friday cleaning two local public art pieces — DuPen’s Vision and Cooke’s Beach Launch.

According to a news release from the City of Edmonds Arts Commission, “regular maintenance protects artwork from the environment and everyday exposure in order to maintain the integrity of the artist intent.” The cleaning is funded by a donation to the Arts Commission.

The two sculptures are integral pieces to the City of Edmonds Public Art Collection, the Arts Commission said. Vision was created by internationally renowned Seattle sculptor Everett DuPen in 1984 and was the first major sculpture purchased with City’s 1% for Art funds by the Arts Commission. The bronze sculpture was originally designed as a naked diver in reference to the Underwater Park, but local citizens objected and DuPen changed his design to the more modestly clad Vision looking out towards the water. Beach Launch by Robert Cooke was created in 1998 for the new Brackett’s Landing South Park and was funded by the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation. Cooke used real items such as the boots and life preserver in creating the molds for his cast bronze piece.

For a walking tour map of public art, see the website

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