Lady Mavs come back from first-set loss to beat Everett Tuesday

Sloane Morrison, shown here at a recent practice, had a strong performance for Meadowdale Tuesday night. (Photo by Char Blankenship)

By Quint Turner

The Meadowdale Mavericks got their first volleyball win on the year by beating Everett 3-1 Tuesday at the Mavs’ home court.

After dropping the first set, Meadowdale had to rebound fast to get back in the game, and the team did just that. The second set was close for the first half, with the Mavs up 15-12, but then Meadowdale absolutely dominated the rest of the set. They won 10 straight points to earn the set and tie the match up, and from there it was all Meadowdale.

In the first set, the Everett Seagulls went up 4-3 when Lauren Stiger and Amber Hagar teamed up to block a Michaela Meyer smash, and the ball dove to the ground for the point. But Meadowdale would not go quietly. A kill by Madison Norton that just hit the end line started a 9-1 run for the Mavericks to get them a 13-7 lead. One of those points came on a Kelly Moya ace that made it 11-7 MHS, and it looked like the Mavericks would run away with the game.

Everett called time out though, and immediately started to turn it around. Hagar got another block when she stuffed a Carly Reece spike to close the gap to 17-11. The team took advantage of a few miscues by the Mavericks, and ended up tying the set at 18 when a Cummins kill was barely out of bounds. Norton responded with a kill that bounced off the net and in to give the Mavs a 20-19 lead, but Everett would not be denied. A kill from Debbie Peterson got the score to 23-21, and then three points later, Loretta Forrest hit an ace to give the Seagulls the set by a score of 25-22.

Meadowdale came out strong in the second set. Cummins got it going when she faked a kill and tipped it gently over the Seagull blockers and in to give the Mavs a 3-1 lead. Sloane Morrison ended a long rally between the teams with a brutal cross-court kill that just bounced in to make it 5-3. Morrison had another awesome kill when she hit one with so much top spin, that it went over the blockers and then came crashing down in the corner of the court, and it was 8-5 Mavericks. They used that momentum to go on a mini 5-0 run that was capped off with an ace by Moya, and it looked like the Mavericks had a grip on the second set with a 12-5 lead.

However, Everett would not quit. Rebecca Kopp hit a kill down the line that just stayed in to cut the deficit to six; later, a tip by Hagar over the Maverick blockers brought the score to 15-12. But the Mavs went on a 10-0 run that was started when Norton that bounced off the Libero, Chase Osburn, and went out. That point gave the Mavericks the set by a score of 25-12, and all the momentum along with it.

Kayla Herman tried to bring the Gulls back in the match when she hit a rocket of a kill between the blockers to get the team up 2-1, but mental errors like double contact with the ball, the inability for the team to pick up fake spikes, and miscommunication allowed the Mavericks to go on a 7-0 run and lead the set 9-3.

Everett wasn’t going to let Meadowdale have the set so easily though. A Forrest cross-court kill was pin-perfect, and brought the game to 10-6. Then a similar kill by Peterson cut the lead to 11-8, Meadowdale. However, Morrison got the Mavs back on the right track when she hit a kill that kissed the back line to make it 12-10. Tara Fishback and Reece both got aces through the set to keep adding to the Maverick lead, and the Mavericks finally won the set when Forrest hit a kill out of bounds. The score of the third set was 25-17.

Once again, the Gulls pulled ahead early in a set. This time, Hagar absolutely rejected a kill by Reece to give them a 2-0 lead, and then the pulled ahead 6-3 before a missed bump from the Gulls went over the net, and Fishback smacked it down to give the Mavericks the point. The Mavs went on a 7-0 run when a kill by Reece went off the hands of the Gulls in the back tied the set at 8, and then Cummins hit a kill straight past the blockers and inside the line to give the Mavericks the 9-8 lead. They went up 13-8 in the set with that run, and never looked back.

Though Hagar and Megan Canonica teamed up to block a kill to make it 13-10, the Mavs weren’t giving the set up. Morrison hit two straight aces to make it 16-10, and a missed serve by Forrest ended the match. The Mavericks won the set 25-18.

With the win, the Mavericks are 1-2, but 3A league play does not start until next Tuesday, when they play Lynnwood on the Royals’ home court. The Mavs’ next game is on Thursday, a non-league matchup at Edmonds-Woodway, at 7 p.m.

Sports correspondent Quint Turner is a student at Meadowdale High School.

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