This Month in Edmonds History: Noteworthy news from around the state

My Edmonds News is proud to present a monthly look at Edmonds history, straight from the archives of the Edmonds Historical Museum. For the month of September, we’ll revisit 1931.

In the early days, many of the town’s most interesting and eye-raising events showed up in the social, personal and “about town” newspaper columns instead of the front page. Similar to some of the stories seen in police blotters today, these columns relayed news about people’s whereabouts and activities in Edmonds and elsewhere in the state, as is seen here in September 1931:

In Tacoma…Twins, Mrs. Lou Walker and Mrs. Julia Flinchpaugh were never separated.  They are 87 years old.

In Bellingham…Judge A.J. Cole, 86, mourns the passing of horseshoe pitching.  He welcomes all comers.

In Everett…John Margaretich hit a cow, carried it 50 feet on his automobile bumper.  It was not hurt.

In Camas…A goat disputed the right-of-way on a walk here.  Police were called.

In Sumner…The city’s lung pump was stolen.

In Aberdeen…In their nets, fishermen found a nine-foot, man-eating shark.

In South Bend…John Stone, held in jail on murder charges, occupies his time clipping mates’ hair. He formerly was a barber.

In Olympia…Employment for 40,000 additional men was afforded by the fall opening of the oyster industry, officials estimated.

In Aberdeen…John Graham lost his ring in a lake. Three weeks later his niece found it.

In Wenatchee…Two men and woman were arrested for stealing a bathtub.  Police found it on a trailer.

In Vancouver…Mrs. Louis Kadow’s cat consumes raw squash, dill pickles, sauerkraut, tomatoes; begs for muskmelon—in addition to regular cat fare.

In Seattle…Walter Muller asked to be sentenced to Walla Walla State Prison because the climate suited him better.

In Camas…Police offered a $10 reward for the capture of the person who dug up John Karnath’s entire garden crop.

In Hoquiam…Thieves stole cases of tea, writing tablets, asparagus, and ink, sold it to local merchant.

In Seattle…Prohibition agents raided, confiscated 67 barrels of liquor. When the haul arrived at headquarters, only 19 barrels remained.

In Wenatchee…J.H. Bailey’s sow gave birth to 17 pigs.

[The preceding news briefs were provided by United Press and published in the Edmonds Tribune Review throughout September 1931.]

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  1. Thanks, Patricia — Tarin Erickson, the museum’s executive director, writes these columns monthly and they are often lighthearted. She does a great job.


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