Three guys, 1 day, 22 miles, 6 Dick’s Drive-Ins

    Zack Gussin, Lars Phillips and JP Osseward begin their trek at the Edmonds location.
    Closeup of the walkers’ shirts, showing their route.

    Dick’s Drive-In’s Marketing Director Carrie Shaw alerted us Saturday to this effort by three men to visit all six Dick’s Drive-In restaurants on foot in one day — for a total of 22 miles.

    The three — Zack Gussin, Lars Phillips and JP Osseward — started out at 10:30 a.m. Saturday with burgers and fries at the Edmonds Dick’s, then headed south for meals at the other five. They finished the trek Saturday night with sundaes at the Queen Anne Dick’s.

    Phillips and Osseward did a similar walk last year, prior to the opening of the Edmonds location.

    You can see more photos on the Dick’s Facebook page.


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