Citizen Harry commentary: Why I am dismayed by politicians

By “Citizen Harry” Gatjens

I try to keep informed and listen to politicians when they debate and make statements. The problem is, most of them are always on the attack of their opponent and spend far more effort on that then on what is good about themselves.

Check out this recent exchange during the vice presidential debates. The two candidates are told that a veteran is dismayed about the negativity of the campaigns; were they embarrassed by this? Their responses were not to the concerns raised by the veteran but more to promoting their own agendas.

They do exactly what the veteran is concerned about in response to his question. At least Joe Biden makes mention of the negativity of the campaigns, but that is just one sentence in a long answer. Paul Ryan totally ignores the point of the question and attacks the current administration. Why can’t they answer the question that is asked?

This is not an isolated incident. Most of the time when I hear politicians respond to questions, they tend to ignore the intent of the question and focus on their own issues. This causes me to be discouraged about our political leaders.

Neither of these two candidates, vying for the second most important office in U.S. government, seem to have a clue about why voters are turned off by the elections.



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