Starting Thursday, 6th and Main intersection to be closed to vehicle traffic


Starting this Thursday, Oct. 25, the intersection at 6th and Main will be closed to all vehicle traffic while the contractor removes existing concrete and completes the intersection improvements, the City of Edmonds announced Tuesday.

The closure, which lasts until Nov. 16, is effective 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

Pedestrian access across the intersection is a priority and will be maintained during the closure, and the city said it will not impact the planned Halloween festivities in downtown Edmonds Oct. 31.

The closure will allow the contractor to remove existing concrete pavement in the intersection and rebuild it with the planned utility and streetscape improvements, the announcement said,  so that the project will be completed “efficiently and in the shortest period of time.”

The first of two layers of asphalt pavement is scheduled to be placed on Main Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues, on Monday, Oct. 29, weather permitting. The first layer of street pavement will provide a path for pedestrians to access businesses during the removal of the remaining sidewalks and placement of the new sidewalks on Main Street.

As soon as lanes become available, the contractor will allow traffic.

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