City announces Sound Transit, Salish LLC agreement to add 103 parking spaces to Edmonds Sounder Station

The very full Edmonds Sounder Train lot. (Photo by Larry Vogel)

The City of Edmonds and Sound Transit announced Thursday that a proposed agreement has been reached to increase parking at the Edmonds Sounder Commuter Rail Station. The proposal will go before the Sound Transit Board on Nov. 15.

The proposed agreement, developed in response to a shortage of parking at the Edmonds commuter rail station, establishes a five-year lease agreement with Salish Crossing, LLC  to build a 103-space surface lot at 190 Sunset Ave. S. Salish Crossing, which recently acquired the Waterfront Antique Mall property at that address, will own and maintain the facility.

Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling, who serves on the Sound Transit Board, expressed his appreciation to Salish Crossing, LLC for working with the City and Sound Transit to find a solution to parking shortages at Edmonds Station. He also said he will encourage other members of the Board to support the proposal.

“Commuters will be happy to learn that Sound Transit has worked to find a solution for expanding access to Sounder commuter rail,” Earling said. “Sounder is an outstanding commuting option, and additional parking will help more people take advantage of the service.”

The additional parking will supplement 156 spaces currently provided at Edmonds Station. The target date for opening the lot is May 1, 2013. To address near-term parking demand, Sound Transit is working with Salish Crossing to provide access to some of the 103 stalls earlier than May 1.

3 Replies to “City announces Sound Transit, Salish LLC agreement to add 103 parking spaces to Edmonds Sounder Station”

  1. Thanks to Dave Earling, Edmonds Mayor and Sound Transit Board member, for successfully pursuing this much-needed parking addition. Hopefully the five year lease can evolve into a permanent asset.


  2. Shame that the City hasn’t considered “extra” parking for shoppers as well as train parking people. Most train users come into Edmonds, park, and then leave on their return, zipping out and home. We need shoppers in Edmonds who support our businesses and our tax base.


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