Here’s a unique holiday gift: the 2013 Historic Edmonds calendar

The demand for the 2012 Edmonds Historic Calendar outstripped supply, so this year the Historic Preservation Commission has ordered more — and you can pre-order yours — for just $5 each — beginning Nov. 15 at the Third Thursday Art Walk.

“We were stunned by the excitement generated by the 2012 calendar,” said Larry Vogel, chair of the Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission. “It was a beautiful piece, and demand quickly outstripped supply, leaving lots of folks disappointed.”

Similar to last year, the 2013 calendar is filled with with historic images and information. Features for 2013 include the Edmonds Log Cabin, the Mosquito Fleet and the Yost Family.

The Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission will take pre-orders in front of the Edmonds Chamber Office (next to City Hall on Fifth Avenue) during next Thursday’s Art Walk. For more information or to order by phone, call Meg Keogh at 206-484-4184.

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  1. The price for 2012 for an 18 month calander was $0. Will this years calander be 18 months? Will it start at the end of the existing 18 mo? What time period will it cover?
    The demand will likely be lower if the cost is $5 as compared to free.


  2. Hi Darrol and thanks for your comments!

    Last year’s calendar was distributed free because the production costs were covered by a special one-time budget allocation from the City Council to the Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission which was earmarked for public information materials. The Commission decided on the calendar as an ideal way to convey this information to our community.

    The response to this first calendar was beyond our expectations. Everyone loved it, and over the months we’ve had numerous questions about when a 2013 calendar would be available.

    This year with the city budget being as tight as it is no city funding was available, so the calendar has to pay for itself. With comparable calendars selling for $10 – $15 and more, we think the $5 cost for this one is a bargain.

    We on the Commission hope that you and other Edmonds residents think so too, and will help support historic preservation and celebrate the history of our community by purchasing and enjoying these calendars. The new calendar covers the 12-month calendar year, January-December 2013.

    Again, thanks for your interest in and support of historic preservation in our community.

    — Larry Vogel, Chair, Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission


  3. How many calanders were produced for 2012 and at what cost?
    How many calanders will be produced for 2013 and at what cost?
    What are the anticipated number of sales for the 2013 calander?


  4. Last year we printed 2000 calendars at a cost of roughly $6000.

    This year’s calendar is still in production, and we don’t yet have final figures.


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