Modern Money: The Grown Woman Mantra for money management


By Denise Marinacci

Let me introduce myself – I’m Denise Marinacci and I own Flaunt Financial.  You may have seen me around town wearing the orange shoulder bag I bought at Blue Fish Designs. Edmonds is my kind of town; it’s where I live, work, and play. I am thrilled to contribute this monthly finance column to My Edmonds News, where there will be discussions, tips, stories, and real-world advice.

Flaunt Financial was born out of a need to help women — especially women in business — get noticed more, flaunt a bit, to be in charge. I am passionate about teaching women how to take control of their finances and my heart goes out to women who feel powerless and overwhelmed managing their money.

We’ll talk about attitudes and fears surrounding finances: How to find your money mojo, share successes and an occasional “what not to do” story. The secret to managing your money is to start where you are and move forward in bite-sized pieces.

You might be surprised at the emotions money brings up and how much your childhood experiences shaped your attitudes today.  Do you buy gifts to show affection to friends and family? Do you have drawers full of unopened mail?

Society plays a big role too — more for women than men. In past generations, women weren’t encouraged to manage their own finances, make their own money, own their own lives.

It’s new day and I’ll show you how to ditch the good girl and become the grownup you’ve always wanted to be.

The Grown Woman Mantra

I make my own decisions

I manage my own life

I follow my own path

I own my own power

This column is about and for real women living and working every day to feed their families, pay for their education, and contribute to their community; women like me and you.

Here’s a peek at money conversations I’m looking forward to having with you:

Holiday Spending — keeping it under control and guilt-free

Planning for 2013

How to LOVE your money, where you are now, no matter what

Taxes — the benefits of paying taxes. Yes, I said benefits.

Personal anecdotes and lessons from money mistakes.

If there’s an issue you’d like to hear about, please let us know. And when you see me strolling around Edmonds, give a wave and say “Hey”.

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