This Month in Edmonds History: Giving thanks

Edmonds circa 1895.
Robert and Ruth Hyner with Mrs. Jaz Bishop at the Hyner home on Thanksgiving Day, 1890.

My Edmonds News is proud to present a monthly look at Edmonds history, straight from the archives of the Edmonds Historical Museum. For the month of November, we’ll revisit 1894.

Just four years after Edmonds was incorporated, it seems many of the early residents had much to be grateful for as Thanksgiving rolled around. The following comments were reported in the weekly Edmonds Lyre publication on Nov. 30, 1894:

W.E. Meek:  I am thankful for last evening’s visitation of Odd Fellows’ turkey, and that I am still alive for a chance at the other fellow’s bird.
J.D. McLeod: Thankful for the d— few favors shown me in the past.
Z.T. Saulcer: Thankful to be the possessor of 15 cents.
Ed Bemis:  Thankful that I live, breathe and have my being without the 15 cents.
R.C. Allen:  Thankful that I’m not in state prison.
R.T. Roscoe:  I am still thankful for last year’s Thanksgiving turkey.
L.V. Stewart:  I am very thankful that I’m alive.
C. Reichardt: Will be thankful if the watch is drawn by and Edmondsite.
M.E. Hyner:  Thankful for good health.
E.A. Andrews:  I’m thankful for the fact that the Republicans swollopped the earth with Populism and Demockryism.
Tom Grant:  Thankful for one of Mr. Mowat’s curls—I’m going to leave.
J.I. McAllister:  Thankful to know I have C.T. Roscoe for an opponent.
C.T. Roscoe:  Thankful to know I have J.I. McAllister for an opponent.
J. McDonald:  Thankful to hear that Peffer’s whiskers and Simpson’s socks escaped the late land-slide.
S.H. Sprinkle:  Thankful that we don’t live at the base of Mt. Rainier especially while she’s sick.
James Brady:  Thankful for good health, good appetite and no turkey for Thanksgiving.
Ward Sprinkle:  Thankful there’s no job in sight, but eating turkey.
B.F. Gates:  Will be awful thankful when the tide goes out in the middle of the day—klams.
E.D. Woodfield:  Thankful to know by experience that married life IS a success.
F. Kistler:  Thankful that my wife is in Portland eating Turkey with relatives and that I have the chance of a wing with Edmonds friends.
Tommie Freese:  Thanks be to God—I am a married man.
Geo. McGowan Jr.:  Glad I’m not a Pop.
W.E. Borland:  Thankful that I’m not in Wisconsin freezing to death.
W.S. Stevens:  Thankful that I am on the citizens’ and not the populist ticket.
T.H. White:  Would be thankful if some other fellow had my face.
E.H. Heberlein:  I am thankful for what little breath is left in me after blowing the insides of that horn Thanksgiving evening at the IOOF ball.
L.L. Austin:  Thankful there’s something in a name—khlams.

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  1. Wonderful quotes! This is the kind of thing that takes history out of dusty old books and makes it personal. Thank you for posting these!


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