Letter to the Editor: Setting the record straight on this Saturday’s Edmonds Egg Hunt

Dear Editor:

The City of Edmonds would like to set the record straight. With the recent Everett Herald news article, and local radio shows magnifying the interest of the word Easter being taken out of the Edmonds Egg Hunt this year, and resulting interest in the community to engage in the discussion, the City wants to set the record straight.

The news article that appeared in the Herald was misleading in stating that the City of Edmonds removed the word Easter from the Egg Hunt this year, and the city has sent an update to them, which they have posted.

The City, in the spirit of being inclusive of all of our citizens, decided to name this event the Edmonds Egg Hunt in the year 2000, and is not new for this community.  We have received no complaints for 13 years about this until this year following a recent Everett Herald news article.  The removal of specific religious references is common throughout many cities recreation departments, schools, and other government agencies.  We want to recognize and welcome all citizens to our events, regardless of faith.

The City of Edmonds is excited to be working with various sponsors to provide an Edmonds Egg Hunt for this community on March 30, 10:00 am, Frances Anderson Center Field. This event has been happening for the past 30-plus years at City Park. This year, due to popularity and growing out of the City Park site, we changed the venue to the Frances Anderson Center field. We welcome everyone to this very popular community event!

Carrie Hite
City of Edmonds Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director

  1. Well stated. I guess some people just have too much time on there hands and choose to fault find when their energies might be better used by giving constructive appreciation and service to the community.

  2. I applaud the City of Edmonds for choosing the right path in this. Easter is a religious holiday that not everyone practices. But everyone can enjoy an “egg” hunt.

  3. Since it is not an Easter function then why have it at all? If the purpose is to bring the families together then have it on the 4th of July after the parade. Serves the same purpose.

  4. I have never understood what bunnies and boiled eggs have to do with Easter so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Actually, there is a connection, in that decorated boiled eggs may represent Christ’s empty tomb. Also, pre-Lent, eggs have been boiled and used up so they won’t go to waste during the fasting. It appears though, that egg hunts do not belong only to Christians or believers of any particular faith.

    Bunnies represent fertility, which precedes Christians. Therefore, I think it’s no big deal whether we leave Easter off the name of egg hunts or leave it on. Little kids have loved hunting for decorated eggs, even before they were commercialized and turned to chocolate.

  5. Cliff, Thank you so much for your research. Agree 100%.
    Martin & Daryl “Every party needs a pooper, that’s why we invited you”. Don’t come if you don’t feel so inclined.

  6. I, too, agree with Martin. Since the Easter egg hunt did not require people to prove they were Christians it was still open to people of all faiths. It seem to me that in a supposed effort to include people of all faiths what is really occurring is an effort to remove Christianity. It would be more ecumenical to keep a Christian holiday, practice, etc. and encourage others to participate. Then, by learning about each other’s faiths, understanding would grow. The word Easter may be gone from the official name; it is still an Easter egg hunt as Martin so aptly points out.

  7. If I am a vegan and feel excluded because I don’t eat eggs should we call it a “hunt” so as not to be more inclusive?

    Oh, wait, what if I didn’t like “hunting”? Then what the heck would call it?


  8. Hi Carrie, can you please inform the citizens how this naming took place back in 2000? Was it done via City Council Resolution? I reviewed the City’s website before burdening you with this question but I was unable to find anything. The City’s website contains Ordinances from 2000, but not Resolutions. The City Council Meeting Minutes online only go back to 2002.

    I think citizens might better understand this situation if they knew the complete story behind the related decision making process back in 2000. Thank you.

    This situation has some similarities with the Seattle Public Schools “Spring Sphere” alleged incident where it was suggested a teacher had renamed Easter Eggs “Spring Spheres”.

  9. I have received a very professional response from Carrie Hite. Ms. Hite is an excellent Director and I believe the City of Edmonds and its citizens are very fortunate that she works for us. Ms. Hite informed me that the recreation staff and Parks Director have the responsibility to provide programs, names of programs, descriptions for programs, etc. It is likely that staff made the related decision back in 2000.

    I responded that I think the name of the event would be more widely accepted had the City Council voted to rename the event back in 2000. That is my opinion and I admit I could be wrong about that. Thanks Carrie for your prompt response!

  10. Another piece of trivia for your egg-citing day. The bunny originally is actually not a bunny rabbit but a hare and this started in Alsace in the 1600’s (not far from where i lived in France) and went on rapidly to Germany and then the rest of Europe. The hare (or rabbit) is a medieval symbol of fecundity which is itself a symbol of spring and renewal. Fasting during Lent required coating the eggs so they would not spoil so somehow the two tradition melded in what we have today. May be some medieval “Hallmark” type entrepreneur had something to do with that… Hope you all had a great Easter!

  11. With all the great discussion I would add that one of my favorite foods for what ever this day is called is DEVILed Eggs. So hunt as we will, find the eggs and then put a little Deviling in for good measure and enjoy the taste of a great treat. Eggs fixed this way are HEAVENLY, unless you eat the eggs with baked beans!! Happy March 31 to everyone!!

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