Edmonds-area high school April Students of the Month

Edmonds Heights K-12

EHK12-Benj Parrilla-SprStudent Name: Benj Parrilla
Mother’s Name: Ian Rose Parilla
Father’s Name: Benjamin Parrilla
Clubs & Activities: Speech and Debate, Violin
Athletics: Basketball

EHK12-Rachel Bragg-AprStudent Name: Rachel Bragg
Mother’s Name: Jennifer Bragg
Father’s Name: Thomas Bragg
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: I belong to two dance groups at local churches, and attend youth group. I have also enjoyed musical theater.
ASB: Yes, I participate in all meetings.
Athletics: Soccer, Racket PE, Volleyball
Honors: English, Math and Latin
Awards: Soccer team – 2nd place in their division; most supportive cast member in my Musical Theater production; several pieces of my artwork have been chosen for the Edmonds Art Festival and Edmonds School District calendars.
Community Service: Last summer I participated in a youth mission team to Washington D.C. with a focus on performing arts to the underprivileged surrounding communities. This summer I am committed with the same youth team to travel to Oregon for prison ministry and homeless youth.
Future Educational Goals: I would like to go to Running Start as a Junior and then move onto university studies in medicine.
Future Career Goals: I want to become a Christian missionary and work in the medical field as a physician.
Anything else we should know? My younger years were lived in far East Germany, in a beautiful city named Dresden. I come from a missions family, both my parents and my grandparents served in Germany. I have four siblings and all of us learned German during our five years living there. I love languages and I love to travel!

Edmonds eLearning

elearn-Danielle Levin-AprStudent Name: Danielle Levin
Mother’s Name: Rebecca Levin
Father’s Name: Glenn Levin
GPA: 3.9
Culminating Project: Becoming a nurse
Current Employment: Pump It Up
Future Educational Goals: Graduating from the University of Washington!
Future Career Goals: Nurse practitioner

Edmonds-Woodway High

EWHS-Vyvy Mai-AprStudent Name: VyVy Mai
Mother’s Name: Vivian Nguyen
Father’s Name: Michael Mai
GPA: 3.602
Clubs & Activities: I have been in Key Club for four years, National Honor Society for two years, and have been a strong leader of the Hip-Hop Club from my freshman year to senior year. Not only did I participate in clubs at my school, but I also had the honor to be in a Mediation group that involved training one on one with advisers, teachers, and being a mediator for students that have conflict with other students.
Athletics: Taking Yogilates at my school has helped me in Dance, which has been another great passion of mine. Ever since I was little I loved to dance. I am proud to say the Hip-Hop club has given me more confidence and leadership into my craft of Hip-Hop dancing. Not only does hip-hop allow me to express myself as a way of art, but I also had the opportunity to perform in front of audiences at shows and events.
On March 19, 2011, my friends and I hosted an event in Seattle called, “Dance For Japan” which was an event calling all dancers to perform on the streets of Seattle and raise money for the people that got hit by the tsunami that happened in Japan that year. At the end of the day, we raised $800 and five bags of clothes, shoes, and backpacks. It makes me proud to see that I have inspired people along the way.
Honors: 2011-2013, National Honor Society; 2010-2011, Honor English, Honor History; Honor Biology
Awards: 2013, Student of the Month (April); 2011-2012, Mediation; 2011-2012, National Honor Society
Community Service: Through Key Club, National Honor Society, and the school, I took every opportunity that came my way to help in community service.
In Key Club, I have taken part in volunteering and helping many organizations such as:
-Raising money for the American Heart Association by having a car wash
-Fundraising for organization like Clothes for Kids, Shoe Banks, Food Banks
-Make trauma dolls that are sent to the Children’s Hospital for kids in need of relief
-Bake pumpkin pies that are sent to Homeless Shelters, Nursing Homes…etc.
-Helping at events such as: March Of Dimes, Relay For Life, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Easter Egg Hunts, Food Drives, Walk for Cancer… and much more!
Through the school and National Honor Society, I helped at food banks, homeless shelters, churches, and also helped clean up the school by doing yard work on campus.
Culminating Project: For my Senior Culminating Project, I have decided to base my presentation on what I truly love doing most: helping people. In my project I will be presenting everything I have done throughout high school and my best works as well as my experiences through job shadowing a Certified Nursing Assistant at the Manor Care Nursing home.
Future Educational Goals: My educational goals have always been to work hard and do more than the best of my abilities. I have high expectations for myself and never aim lower than expected. My future goal is to not only succeed in academics but to also use my knowledge and leadership skills to help others succeed as well.
Future Career Goals: In the near future, my goal is to become a Licensed Practitioner Nurse or Registered Nurse at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. I hope to finish out strong in the Nursing Program at Edmonds Community College and hopefully be able to transfer to a university later on for a higher degree.
Anything else we should know? Academics is my first priority but music and art are also two of my greatest passions in life. Ever since elementary school, I have been in Choir, Honors Choir, Jazz Choir, Band, Symphonic Band, Marimba Club, and performed with many ensembles. In fourth grade, I had the amazing opportunity to perform in front of hundreds at people with the Honors Choir at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle on television. From there, performing became a necessity to my life. I love sharing my passions to people who also enjoy what I love. I began performing at local coffee shops, school events, talent shows, non-profit organizations, and events that help raise money for non-profit organizations.

EWHS-Scarlett Strauss-AprStudent Name: Scarlett Strauss
Mother’s Name: Fausta Sestilli-Strauss
Father’s Name: Scott Strauss
GPA: 4.00
Clubs & Activities: Since my sophomore year, I was one of the initial members of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Club. We are a writing club based around a national program called NaNoWriMo, in which participants write a 50,000 word novel each November. We also participated in Script Frenzy, a linked program with a goal of writing 100 pages of script during the month of April. I am currently the club’s vice-president. I was also in Chamber Orchestra my sophomore year, but I was unable to continue because of the time constraints of full-IB.
Athletics: Another of my extracurricular activities is Irish dance. I first started when I was seven years old, and began with my current dance school at the age of twelve. For the past two years, I’ve been an assistant teacher for the other classes at my school. This is my passion: it allows me to teach others something I love, and see the magic that I can bring to life when a student masters something new. I am currently beginning to teach private lessons, as well as starting to dance competitively.
Awards: Academic honors I have achieved include being a member of National Honors Society, and being awarded outstanding achievement in several of my classes. I was also named a National Merit Finalist this year.
Community Service: I’ve also been able to serve the community through some of the activities I love. With NaNoWriMo Club, I was able to take part in pledge drives (people pledged to donate money for however much I wrote) to raise money for Heifer International, a nonprofit organization which provides domesticated animals to people in third world countries. Through Irish dance, I’ve been able to participate in performances around the community – I’ve danced everywhere from preschools to senior centers – to help bring Irish dance to others.
Culminating Project: As a full-IB student, I was not required to complete a culminating project. Instead, I wrote an extended essay, which discusses the idea of revenge in both Isabel Allende’s The House of the Spirits and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey.
Future Educational Goals: Apart from my goals for the end of high school – I’m hoping to maintain my grades and score well on IB exams – I most likely plan to go to the University of Washington for college. I was accepted to the honors program, but I have not yet decided whether I will live on campus. I’m still uncertain about my interests as a major, although I would certainly consider double majoring in biology and English, and I will most likely pursue postgraduate studies.
Future Career Goals: In a perfect world, I would love to be a published novelist, and teach Irish dance on the side. However, I have a wide range of interests in the liberal arts and sciences, and I would love to be a historian or a biological researcher.
Anything else we should know? Since I skipped directly from 7th to 9th grade, I’ve always been younger than most of my peers. I’m very grateful both for NaNoWriMo Club and for the full-IB cohort, because I’ve found wonderful friends in both of these groups.

Meadowdale High

MHS-Conor O'Neill-AprStudent Name: Conor O’Neill
GPA: 3.35
Clubs & Activities: I am involved in the freshmen orientation LINK Crew. I also play baseball for Meadowdale High School. I am involved in the non-profit organization, Young Life.
ASB: I was an ASB senator for the 2009-2010 school year. I also ran for ASB president.
Athletics: I play baseball for Meadowdale High School as well as recreational basketball with some of my friends through the Boys and Girls Club of Lynnwood.
Honors: I serve Meadowdale High School as the student liaison of the Edmonds School District School Board of Directors. I was also selected to join the committee to help choose our new principal of the 2012-2013 school year.
Awards: I was awarded the leadership trophy for freshman basketball.
Community Service: I serve as a student leader and member of Young Life; a non-profit organization that helps youth learn more about Christianity. I am also involved in Youth Ministry at St. Thomas More Church as an usher during the evening Teen Mass.
Culminating Project: For my culminating senior project I chose to do something unique. I volunteered as a student leader at Young Life while simultaneously managing, preparing, and performing in my own benefit show. The show took place on March 29, 2013 at Roy’s Place in Lynnwood. There were four opening acts and myself and friend, Sam Wooley, were the main act. We raised nearly $2,000 that were all donated to the Kenny Hummel Foundation. I was a very close friend to Kenny and have known the Hummel family my entire life. I miss Kenny every day and I am very happy to have honored his life with my culminating project, Never Forgotten.
Current Employment: I am currently working for the Seattle Mariners as a greeter. I work most home games passing out promotional items or working around the ballpark with various attractions! Let me know when you’re at a game and I’ll come say hi!
Future Educational Goals: I will be attending Washington State University in the fall of 2013. I plan on studying audio engineering and radio broadcasting while I am there. I also plan on looking into some business courses.
Future Career Goals: I would love to work in the music industry. I have been around music my entire life. Both my parents love to sing. I make hip-hop music and I recently took on a big project with my dad by building my own recording studio. It takes up half of my garage and is fully equipped with professional sound equipment that my dad and I have collected as DJ’s, or that I have earned working for the Seattle Mariners. I have recently started learning the guitar. With some help from my mom and some dedication I have taught myself how to play the guitar. I take my music very seriously and plan on producing music for as long as I can! It would be my dream job to work in a professional recording studio as an engineer of sound. Feel free to ask me about my music any time!
Anything else we should know? I believe in order to find happiness in ourselves, our communities, and in the world, we must accept one another because everyone can bring their creativity to life and prove to the world that they are beautiful. I have personally known a handful of people that have been affected by cancer. Most of the people in my community do not know that I too have been affected by the terrible disease. Fortunately, for me, I caught this very rare form of bladder cancer early and am healthy and happy. Unfortunately, for others, this terrible disease has taken life from them. This concept was very difficult to grasp at first. We may not always stand tallest against this monster of a disease, but we can fight for as long as God will let us. Let’s do our part in our community to accept all people, because tomorrow isn’t always promised to us. Remember to smile!

MHS-Stefanie Hieber-AprStudent Name: Stefanie Hieber
Mother’s Name: Sheri Hieber
Father’s Name: John Hieber
GPA: 3.7
Clubs & Activities: Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club, Youth Group, student leader, volunteer at Everett Salvation Army food kitchen, volunteer at Canyon Creek Church
Athletics: I like to play soccer. I used to row, and I miss that.
Honors: I have received student of the month from my English teacher multiple times.
Awards: Most inspirational – softball, 2011; Student of the month- 2012 , 2013 – English
Community Service: Canyon Creek Church, Everett Salvation Army, Spokane Union Gospel Mission , San Francisco City Impact
Culminating Project: I worked with the Outreach director at my church, to feed homeless and needy people in Everett. I also helped handout winter clothing and kids’ toys during Christmas time.
Current Employment: Taking care of a young girl with autism and cerebral palsy
Future Educational Goals: Internship at my church, Canyon Creek Church; do a CNA course this summer, then nursing school; maybe go to Northwest University to study missions
Future Career Goals: I want to get a AA and then maybe a BA in human sciences.
With my life goal I want to do missions to other countries and help houses and watering wells in villages in Africa and Mexico.
Anything else we should know? I love to help and serve people in any way I can help possible. I am at my church a lot, and love to meet new people. I love to pray for people and get to know them. I’m excited that my love for others and hard work is seen and appreciated at MHS as well. I’m honored to receive this award and am very humbled.

Scriber Lake High

SLH-Taylor Dorrance - AprStudent Name: Taylor Dorrance
Mother’s Name: Michelle Dorrance
Father’s Name: Scott Dorrance
Athletics: Played basketball in high school.
Community Service: Served food to the homeless. Also picked up trash downtown and cleaned peoples car for free.
Culminating Project: My project consists of beatifying a piece of land and using art and colors to bring out its true nature: where people want to look at its beauty.
Current Employment: currently not employed but after I graduate will start looking for a job as soon as possible.
Future Educational Goals: Go to college and probably sign up for some core classes to start with.
Future Career Goals: Trying to find a career where I travel around the world and explore different cultures and help people that need help in third world countries and make that my life career.
Anything else we should know? I’m a shy person at first but once you get to know me I can be really kind and respectful. I look at are world and see a lot of hatred but I always see that silver lining that makes me think there is still good in the world and hopefully one day all people different races, religions will see eye to eye, and I hope I stay alive long enough to see that happen.

SLH-Holly Groves-AprStudent Name: Holly Groves
Mother’s Name: Toni Groves
Father’s Name: William Groves
Clubs & Activities: I have been working in the school’s Student Store since I was a sophomore and now I am a senior who is in charge of keeping it running. I was in the book club which was very nice because I enjoy reading and it gave me chances to read new books and different styles of writing.
Athletics: I have been playing soccer for 14 years. I was four years old when I first started with my father as my coach and it is something that I love doing.
Community Service: I will be helping my teacher Richard Croxon in the school’s greenhouse and cleaning/setting up the labs.
Current Employment: I am a nanny and I am working on saving money for college after high school.
Future Educational Goals: What I would like to do is go to Edmonds Community College for two years and get my Associates Degree in Business then hopefully transfer to another college out of state. I would love to eventually get a Master’s Degree in Business.
Future Career Goals: I would love to be a small business owner someday or be apart of a major company.
Anything else we should know? I love spending time with my friends and family and since coming to Scriber I love spending time at school.

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