“Dachshunds” book wins two New York awards


Author Kizzie Jones, right, with illustrator Scott Ward and images from the award-winning book.
Author Kizzie Jones, right, with illustrator Scott Ward and images from the award-winning book.

A.V. Harrison Publishing of Edmonds, Washington, is proud to announce double Book Fest wins for its children’s book title, “How Dachshunds Came to Be: A Tall Tale About A Short Long Dog,” written by Kizzie Jones and illustrated by Scott Ward.

The award of First Place at the Beach Book Festival (Children’s category), and First Runner Up for Children’s Books in the New York Book Fest follow Ms. Jones’ literary nod for First Place last month from the 2013 National Indie Excellence Book Award (NIEA), for ‘Cover Design – Children’s category’, and Honorable Mention at the San Francisco Book Fest.

Celebrating her four literary wins, the author will be in attendance at the 21 June 2013 awards ceremony to be held in New York at the Grolier Club on East 60th Street.

“How Dachshunds Came To Be: A Tall Tale About a Short Long Dog, was released October 2012, drawing hundreds to its highly anticipated book launch, held in Edmonds Washington,” says A.V. Harrison Publishing coach, Emily Hill.

The 30-page book is sold at select shops in the Puget Sound region, including the Edmonds Bookshop, and also on Amazon. In designing the cover and interior of the full-color fable Kathi Humphries Design & New Media, of Seattle, used InDesign technology. InDesign is a software program used for page layout and page elements.  Emily Hill describes the process, “For ‘How Dachshunds Came To Be: A Tall Tale About A Short Long Dog’ the designer, Humphries, layered the story-line written by author, Jones, onto the breathtaking illustrations of Scott Ward, adding creative and colorful font designs to advance the storyline.”

“The result was a seamless panorama of sparkling color, dancing fonts, with a read-again story line,” continues the publisher.

The four-member publishing team – author, illustrator, designer, and publishing coach – discussed every element of the book, including its dimension.  “We designed the book at 8.5” x 8.5” and were delighted when we previewed the galley proofs,” observed Emily Hill. “It’s the perfect size for a child’s hands, and it is so ‘packable’ for backpacks, visits to Grandma’s house, and airplane travel.”

“How Dachshunds Came To Be: A Tall Tale About A Short Long Dog” is intended for dachshund lovers, dog owners, children building friendships, families considering adding a pet to their family, as well as public and school librarians, counselors and those in the ministry.

According to its author, “This children’s book is ideal for fostering “the values of honoring community and diversity, and working in collaboration.”  The fable is the perfect tool for educational core curriculum theme topics on marine life, creativity, imagination, the value of relationships, honoring diversity, working collaboratively, and developing compassion and kindness.

Emily Hill adds, “We are proud to have the opportunity to add ‘How Dachshunds Came To Be’ to the line up of books available from our boutique publishing house.” The author’s website is at KizzieJones.com.

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