Scriber Lake mentor hits New York Times bestseller list

Author Ingrid Ricks speaks at the library on Monday.
Photo courtesy Ingrid Ricks.

By Janette Turner

Ingrid Ricks, co-editor and mentor for the Scriber Lake writers, recently learned her own book, ‘Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story,’ hit the New York Times bestseller list at #20 for nonfiction e-books. Ricks’ success means her stories touch people around the world, but few readers know her writing has an unlikely catalyst: encroaching blindness.

Today Ricks spoke about her condition: “Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with a devastating degenerative eye disease that is slowly stealing my eyesight. Between that and a trip to South Africa to write about AIDS orphans, I recognized that life is short and the time to go after dreams is now. For me, it was to write my coming-of-age memoir, ‘Hippie Boy,’ and make a living as an author. In the fall of 2011, I finally achieved my dream to publish ‘Hippie Boy,’ and have since published two more memoirs. I’ve also co-founded a teen mentoring/publishing program in Edmonds that helps teens find their voice and power by writing and publishing their stories.

“So many people have big dreams but don’t give themselves permission to go after them, either because they don’t think it’s the responsible thing to do, or because they are afraid of failure. But what I’ve learned is that when you really go after your dreams and give them everything you’ve got, the Universe has a way of making them happen.”

To learn more about Ricks’ books and the Scriber writers, see her website. And to follow Ricks’ journey to reverse her blindness through supplements and exercise, check out her website at DeterminedToSee.  

2 Replies to “Scriber Lake mentor hits New York Times bestseller list”

  1. What an honor it is to know Ingrid! I am thrilled for her personal success! Our Edmonds community must be equally delighted for her unwavering support for Scriber’s young, gifted writers!

    Thank you Ingrid! In fact, you *do* see far more than so many on any given day! You are a treasure!


  2. Congrats on so many sides. The NY Times list is a major accomplishment and your willingness to share your writing talents with students is a fantastic gift. Good luck with your aggresive attack on your eyesight problem.


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