George Who?

George Brackett (portrayed by John Hartquist of Driftwood Players) will be appearing at the Edmonds Museum Summer Market on Aug. 3.
George Brackett (portrayed by John Hartquist of Driftwood Players) will be appearing at the Edmonds Museum Summer Market on Aug. 3.

Who is that man on the steps of the Historical Museum? His clothes are old fashioned and out of style, but he does look kind of familiar  I know! It is George Brackett, the founder of Edmonds. No, it looks more like John Hartquist from the Driftwood Players. Who is that guy?

It is John Harquist, playing the role of George Brackett, as the museum is celebrating its 40th anniversary on Aug. 3. Come by and say hello to George and let him know you are so glad he decided to settle in this wonderful spot on Puget Sound, now known as Edmonds, and voted as the friendliest town on Puget Sound.

Edmonds got a late start in the chapter of American history, as the first European settlers did not arrive until the 1860s.The forested hills and the gentle coastline were big attractions, but there were many challenges as the area was isolated from other communities, due to the difficulties of overland travel.

The town’s settlement began in 1870 when a logger named George Brackett—who was considered by many to be the “founder of Edmonds”—discovered the town site by canoe.  He, along with other important figures, helped build the early town.

By 1884, the area had a post office and an organized school system, and had been platted and officially named.  Edmonds was incorporated in 1890, and the railroad came the next year.  People also came by steamboat, but it wasn’t until 1900 that regular passenger ferry service came to Edmonds.

From that time, there have been up and down periods in Edmonds’ history, but we all are enjoying the fruits of the founders efforts to make this a wonderful place to call home.

Come say hello to George at 11 a.m. Aug. 3, on the steps of the old Carnegie Library, now the home of the Edmonds Historical Society.  It surely will please him to know we are thinking of him, so drop into the museum for a visit, and after that take a stroll through the Summer Market.Who says a history lesson can’t be fun?

— By Bette G. Bell



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  1. Wonder what George will have to say about Samuel and Anna Holmes, a young couple from Iowa who spent a year @ the Brackett home. Afterwards, Samuel and Anna hiked up the big hill to settle the area known as Holmes Corner with their property being today’s E-W High School.


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