Campaign kickoff for Fraley-Monillas Monday night

Adrienne Fraley-Monillas
Adrienne Fraley-Monillas

Congressman Jim McDermott will be the featured speaker at the Monday, July 15 kickoff for Edmonds City Councilmember Adrienne Fraley-Monillas’ campaign for re-election to Position 3.

The event will run from 6-8 p.m. at the Edmonds Senior Center, 220 Railroad Ave.

In addition to McDermott, other guests will include State Reps. Ruth Kagi, Mary Helen Robers and Cindy Ryu; newly appointed Snohomish County Executive John Lovick; Snohomish County Council Chair Stephanie Wright and County Councilmember Brian Sullivan.

Fraley-Monillas, who lives in Edmonds’ Lake Ballinger neighborhood, is completing her first term on the City Council. Her opponent is former councilmember Ron Wambolt, who used to hold the Position 3 seat until he lost to Fraley-Monillas and current councilmember Lora Petso in the August 2009 primary.



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  1. Interesting to note that none of her featured guests according to above are Edmonds Residents and about 90% of her money so far has come from out of the area. These people know little to nothing about what is facing Edmonds Residents. Perhaps tonight Adrienne will abide by the city’s ordinance that limits individual contributions to $500 and not accept anymore illegal $900 contributions like she recently did. Bobbie Williams


  2. Actually, Gents, the mudslinging began with the comments made when Mr. Wambolt announced his candidacy. Let’s be fair here.


  3. “mudslinging” is not the accurate term here. The first commentator shed light on what appears to be fact. If calling out facts is considered negative campaigning, and this is frowned upon, I’m not sure how the public could then make an informed vote. Bringing attention to facts is not considered mudslinging.

    I am most interested in how Ms. Fraley-Monillas responds, should she choose to.


  4. We’ve heard statements like “Bringing attention to facts is not considered mudslinging.” This is incorrect. Since the term mudslinging is being used in comments here, I think it would be useful to get the definition right. The majority of mudslinging is based on fact. Mudslinging is just another word for negative campaigning.

    By every authoritative definition of mudslinging I can find, there’s no question that the first comment above is mudslinging.

    There’s no reason to trust me as an authority. Here are some references that define mudslinging:


  5. Some of us who spend time around the political arena on the state and federal level consider “mudslinging” as aggressive or negative finger pointing that twists the facts – when one reports the facts, that is not considered or viewed as mudslinging. That’s “just the facts.”

    It truly is sad when we jump so quickly to “labels” in order to discount and divert from facts.

    Is the answer not to address or highlight the facts? Those of you who suggest this is “mudslinging” how would you propose the facts be brought to light?


  6. Fraley-Monillas said the extra $400 has been returned to the AFSCME, after the campaign realized that while the Edmonds limit is $500 “per person,” it also defined an organization as a person under the law.

    The excerpt below from the regulation makes it very clear that the $900 was illegal. It seems that her campaign had their realization only after Mayor Earling’s letter blew the whistle on them. And Ms.Fraley-Monillas’s filing with the Public Disclosure Commission still has not been amended.

    1.99.040 Contribution limits.
    A. No candidate shall accept or receive during the election cycle campaign contributions totaling more
    than $500.00 from any one person.
    B. The limitations in this section shall apply to all contributions except:
    1. A campaign contribution of his/her own resources to his/her own campaign;
    2. The value of volunteer services; or
    3. Publicly donated funds under provisions authorizing public funding of local campaigns. [Ord.
    3785 § 1, 2010].

    No “mudslinging” just “facts”.


  7. “The excerpt below from the regulation makes it very clear that the $900 was illegal. It seems that her campaign had their realization only after Mayor Earling’s letter blew the whistle on them. And Ms.Fraley-Monillas’s filing with the Public Disclosure Commission still has not been amended.”
    No “mudslinging” just “facts”.

    I returned the money well over a week prior to the mayor sending out his letter. I’m aware I’m not the only candidate who was unsure of definitions. No one had to tell me to return the overage. I am ethical and honest.

    Maybe a better use of time would be to discuss the important issues within Edmonds.
    Such as the work that is so badly needed on Highway 99 and the Edmonds Neighborhoods around Highway 99.

    Real economic development is seriously necessary in our transportation corridor where light rail will be joining us just East of our boarder on I-5, projected in 10 years.
    Swedish at Edmonds is about to embark upon its most serious addition in an emergency wing since the building was built, there has been an added new cancer center and ortho surgery clinic. These additions have and will add hundreds of new employees.
    This is real economic development: Those employees will need affordable places to live close by, they will shop in our businesses, go to our schools, attend our churches and participate in our community. All of this creating a money flow into our community.
    If we don’t move ahead quickly they will live in Lynnwood and Shoreline therefore spending money in those cities and creating communities where they live.

    Lets try and keep the conversation positive and solving the issues facing us the next 10 years.


  8. Thank you Adrienne, This is exactly the type of response I want from a candidate in this type of forum.
    Let me know what the candidates think the issues of the city are, what are your ideas to solve said issues, and what do the candidates bring to the council. Pointing fingers and negative campaigning will only lose my repect and vote.


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